OK, I'll do it, where are you from - page 5

As requested in another thread here is a poll to find out where people are located in the US, or the great big world...the poll is general..you will need to reply to get it closer. bob... Read More

  1. by   aj1973
    Hey all, I'm one of the 2.94% from 'down under', adelaide, south australia to be exact, not too many aussies here are there?
  2. by   Laurlaur
    Am I the only one from the UK? I feel a bit lonely!!
  3. by   REDWOMANRN
  4. by   peggymarie
    Live out in the country in south central Iowa. It's great! Nice and peaceful which you all know as a nurse that's a time you need.
  5. by   Brownms46
    Originally from Buffalo, NY...but have lived in so many different places....d/t being a former army brat, military wife, Viet Nam ERA vet...and now traveler...I won't even go into all the US and overseas cities I have lived in! And I'm not thru yet...:chuckle! I have always said my father must have been part gypsy...as I'm a true wanderer at heart...
  6. by   deespoohbear
    Northeast Indiana checking in here!!!! Born in Evansville, IN, raised just outside of town and moved north when I got married. Now I live in Northeast IN, 30 miles south of Ft. Wayne. The little town is called Berne. Proabably will die in Indiana too!
  7. by   sandstormsdust
    I'm from the great white north...... CANADA
  8. by   mlolsonny
    Minnesota, Land of 10,000 (clean) Lakes
  9. by   studentdeb
    I am a Disbursing Tech for the federal government and a student (someday a nurse) and I was born and raised and still live in Ohio.
  10. by   Tookie
    Born in Melbourne - now living in the north east of Victoria but work in South East of NSW
    Close to the heart of the wine country - not far from the snow and the mountains where they made the man from snowy river. Half way between Melbourne and Canberra - on the way to Sydney.
  11. by   RNConnieF
    Sururban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  12. by   sbic56
    I'm from the great state of Maine. Ayuh!
  13. by   oh-agnurse
    Western NY just 20 miles outside of Buffalo. Contrary to belief it isn't the armpit of America!