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I've been thinking about this all morning, and while I don't really want to post about this, I value everyone's opinion so much, and this freaked me out so severely, I think the benefits will... Read More

  1. by   colleen10
    A few years ago I was doing home health and barely missed being hit head on by my pulling off to the right and into a ditch and just missing a big sign for road construction. While all this was happening, I remember mumbling a few words to God. When I finally came to a stop and everything was okay, I glanced up into the rearview mirror and there sat my mom, smiling! (My mom had passed away about 5 or 6 weeks prior to this incident). She was only there for a brief second but real enough to make me cry. I know she was sent by God to be with me at that moment.
    Maizey, my hair is standing on end
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    WOW maizey. I love stories like this. They comfort and reassure me that there is help "from the other side"....and that people who tell stories like this are NOT "crazy" ...thanks for sharing that.
  3. by   LilgirlRN
    I hear all kindsa things if I am on my way to falling asleep... usually monitors alarming, but I have occasionally heard someone call my name. I'm not quite crazy enough to be listed as insane, so I don't worry about it. Now if I heard a voice say Wendy, kill GW, then I would be on the way to the shrink's office PDQ!! You're gonna be just fine Rebecca Wendy
  4. by   hoolahan
    Maizey, I had a similar close call when my kids were in the car. I just know some force kept me from hitting the tree as I swerved to avid the T-bone of the truck cutting right in front of my car. I didn't see anyone, but I have NO DOUBT someone was watching over me!!
  5. by   2MagnoliaTrees
    May need your meds to be adjusted. When my son was on Prozac he saw my brother twice that had been dead for 27 years. I bet he was taken off of that Prozac for good after that. He didn't need it.