Offended by pt- how to react? - page 5

this happened to me friday at work, and i still cannot figure out a way i could've reacted differently to this. i've never had anything like this happen at work, so i was stumped as to how to chide... Read More

  1. by   kingsmiley
    im sorry u had to put up with that but i think u handled yourself very well. some pple would have gone as far as argue or querrel with the patient (believe me i've seen it happen b4) which is totally unwarranted. so dont beat yourself up and forget him. u were very professional.
  2. by   Hygiene Queen
    I don't think there's a thing to do about it, except hold yourself together while you are dealing with these types of patients. It's my dignity and these losers aren't taking that by reducing me to tears or seeing me visibly angry. Heck no.
    I've seen patients rip on staff that was Asian, black, white, Mexican, Indian, male, female, blonde, red-headed, Southern, "ugly", "pretty", "fat"..... AAAAAARRGGGHHH!!!! The list goes on!
    Some patients are just either plain ignorant ding-dongs, due to their ignorant upbringing, or the are personality-challenged ding-dongs who zone in on what they think will be your "hot" button and try to push it.
    I still give them good care, but I can't say I hurrying too quick to bring the extra banket or pillow.
  3. by   time4meRN
    I can think of many things I would like to say to people like that, but we both know we can't, for many reasons, most of which involve pt satisfaction and lawers. Unfortunately, now days it seems free speech is slipping away. Unless your a pt. Then one can abuse all they want and get away with it. I work in an ER, I can't begin to tell you how many times I have been verbally abused. Although, I am caucasian, it doesn't change the fact that as nurses it seems we are expected to put up with almost anything that comes our way in the name of " pt rights or pt satisfaction". If these people went into Mcdonalds and behaved in such ways, they would not be allowed back to that resturaunt. Wouldn't that be nice to say, " leave and you are not welcome back to this facility !" Oh, to dream ! Well, never the less, it's good that your talking about it , to deal with it. Consider your self hugged and remember that they are idiots, there are more good people in the world than there are bad. They just wanted to get a rise from you.