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does anyone else find themselves looking in the obits for former patients? my family thinks that i am totally bizarre, please confirm that this is yet another "nursing feature!"... Read More

  1. by   NurseyPoo7
    Sorry for bringing up an old post, but I was getting ready to make a post on the exact same topic!

    I read the obituaries EVERYDAY looking for former pts, esp for residents that lived at my former places of employment. I also regularly check them looking for pts I have had that I felt were near the end... I had a patient recently, I cared for them on a Sat & Sun, by Monday afternoon they apparently had been transferred to Hospice. The obituary said they died that Tuesday.

    I'ven ever gone to a service or funeral for former pts.

    And for the person that said reading the obituaries is age-related.. I'm only 23
  2. by   uscstu4lfe
    I read them from time to time (ok, pretty often). My grandfather was in the ICU for many months. We eventually transferred him back home to die peacefully at home. We ran the obituary with all of the funeral details... and low and behold several of his former nurses showed up at the funeral!

    If they're young, then i get REALLY curious. our newspaper never says what they died from (and i'm curious as hell). so then i do some investigation by going online and looking for their online obituary (the legacy website) and I find comments that friends/family have left and sometimes I will try to ask them... oh my god i need a life..... lol
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  3. by   prmenrs
    I read them whenever I see a paper. I need to make sure I'm not IN them.
  4. by   blueheaven
    Shannon, I've been in the nursing profession for a long time and YES I check the obits for former patients, coworkers, doctors etc. My husband thinks it's nuts but it is what it is. When I see one I remember it gives me a chance to reflect on who they (or their family) was and sent out a prayer for them.
  5. by   MIA-RN
    I've been reading the obituaries since I was a little girl. Defintely not just a nurse thing.
  6. by   ElvishDNP
    I read them too, and did well before I became a nurse. I like hearing people's stories.
  7. by   BinkieRN
    I check the obituaries for patients I have taken care of. Nothing wrong with it.
  8. by   HappyPediRN
    I do this every day. I work with oncology patients and after one year I don't have a single former patient who is still alive.
  9. by   MrsMommaRN
    yep i like to check out the obits. i have always liked to read them even before entering the medical profession.
  10. by   GrumpyRN63
    We post them all the time in the nurses report room, somebody out there is scanning them...