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Can anyone explain why scrub patterns are so hideous? Big hearts, flowers.... maybe things I might dress a child in but certainly not myself.... Read More

  1. by   Dayray
    I just want to know why our school uniform Is pink =(.

    Direct quote from school catalog:

    " The school uniform is to be a pink scrub top with school patch on right shoulder a white skirt that extends below the knee and white or flesh tone stocking with all white shoes" and then in print that you tell they added later " white scrub pants can be worn in place of skirt and stockings"

    Im sure glad they added that last part my hairy legs would sure look funny in a skirt.
  2. by   TEXASWAG
    Originally posted by st4304
    There is another young nurse who wears short t-shirts with her scrub bottoms roled down to her hips. Everytime she slightly raises her arms, we have to look at her bare belly. While it is cute and flat, and I admit I am very jealous, (I'm 42, birthed 3 babies), it just doesn't seem very professional.

    Just an old nurse's opinion.

    Hugs and kisses,

    Sherri [/B]
    :roll Hey, atleast she's not showing her thong underwear from the rear.
  3. by   TennRN
    Our department decided they wanted us all to wear the same thing so at a staff meeting we voted on a patterned top with solid pants. Well after 3 years of looking at that pattern we are all about to barf. It's a real cutesy baby blue with little pink and blue babies and stars on it.ACK! Anyway, most of us now are wearing just solid scrubs of whatever color we happen to have. Since I work PRN and don't want to have to buy anymore uniforms, I just get scrubs from the doctors' lounge to wear.
  4. by   colleen10
    I'm waiting to hear back on a CNA training position at a particular facility and after reviewing the employee hand book we are to wear "white scrub pants and a printed scrub top".

    After reading this I am not looking forward to trying to find printed tops. I think I am a monochromatic person.

    Does anyone know of cool stores or websites that have a selection of decent print tops?
  5. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    Well for myself Im monochromatic, but I like those racier ones worn by the young female nurses
    Im just a dirty ole man
  6. by   BrandyBSN
    After having to wear all white to school for 4 years, im EXTREMELY excited about wearing the mandatory Navy Blue pants (although it ticks me off a little that everyone from Nurses to the kitchen dishwasher ALL wear Navy scrubs) and any top/jacket that will coordinate. Mickey Mouse, puppy dogs, Garfield, and Maxine (that lady from Shoebox Greetings) are some of my favorite ones to wear. But, I hate all the big flowers, heart that look like paint was "splashed" on them, and patterns that are ugly enough only to be made into Golf pants (no offense Tom )

    I just ordered a Winnie the Pooh top

  7. by   ruffhouser
    I don't do "cutsey" or pastels. I think that I bought one scrub top at Walmart, and I saw a few other nurses wearing the same one. The pattern didn't do much for me anyway. Most of the patterns I have seen look like the wallpaper from an OBGYN's office. I have been making my own lately with whatever fabric suits my fancy. I tend to gravitate to jewel tone colors. I may do some Hawaiian print tops soon. I am a new grad in orientation and am trying to decide whether or not I truly like what I am doing and if I want to continue. So until I decide, I am not sewing any more scrubs. However, they make really comfy summer jammies! Take care and God bless.
  8. by   JeannieM
    One hospital where I worked did basic royal blue with white tops ONLY! Personally, I think it's great that we can express our personalities through scrubs (still looking for that Grim Reaper, though!). My one mega-peeve, for heaven's sake, at least MATCH! I've seen some Christmas-top-with-purple-pig-jacket combinations in JULY, and they make me want to toss my twinkies! I can imagine how our patients feel.
  9. by   lisamcrn
    I just started my new position Monday. The dress code for all nursing staff on my unit is coordinating scrubs. The only exceptions are tops or jackets can not contain animal prints and shoes must be white. That means I don't have a clue who anyone is yet. But on the other side my first facility all nursing staff wore white with jacket of choice and nurses wore caps. Oh wait that was female nurses only. The second place was white or navy for nurses....I hate navy. The third was all white. I know it shouldn't matter but I am enjoying not wearing white unless I want to. I went out and bought a new wine and egg colored set of scrubs.....can't wait to choose some more colors. Now if I can't find some jackets that are meant for 2 year olds I'll be in business.

    I think staff should be identifible. But, I feel more professionable being able to make a choice in what I wear instead of mandated to be a certain way. All professions have an expected dress code and I think this follows this trend/expectation better than being mandated like a Target employee or waitress. Nothing wrong with these jobs, but I want a few perks.

    Just my not so humble opinion anyway.
  10. by   nmb
    I agree with those of you who say it helps to keep us in our place... I mean, how can you take someone seriously who is wearing a top with an obnoxious animal print?! (just an example) I also like to express myself in my clothes after work, but, it's nice to feel like you can look decent at work, too.
  11. by   NancyRN
    Isn't it sad that Flight Attendants look more professional than Nurses?
  12. by   dstout-rn
    I like some of the cutesy prints, BUT i'm a neonatal/pediatric nurse, kids love it!!!!
  13. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heart of texas

    Lets give brandy a golf clap