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just thought about the next full moon coming up.........loonies......... and that they tend to happen in threes....... and any others out there......... getting ready for work............ Read More

  1. by   micro
    and i heard another one about the differences about when there is no moon out at all........
    a whole different texture in the air.....

    floors actually being quietly exorcised...........

    total alzheimers person making total sense..........something very unique about to happen.........
  2. by   petiteflower
    I agree blitz---it is different when there are no windows to open.
  3. by   night owl
    They always GO in 3's is so correct b/c in my 25 years in nursing, they've ALWAYS hopped the bus in 3's!
    Never heard of the knot in the sheet corner, but I will definately try it. Does it matter which corner???
  4. by   NurseDennie
    A traveler taught me the one about knotting the sheet corner. He said it should be at the foot of the bed (maybe so the family doesn't wonder what's up). But it has NEVER worked for me!!!!!


  5. by   MitziK
    Always in 3's
    Full Moon brings out the crazies and starts labor.
    Never say the Q word.
    Never mention frequent flyers name.
  6. by   MHN
    Always the 3's
    never use the Q word
    Never Mention Frequent Flyers Name especially if well know P.D.
    Public Holidays long weekend double jeopardy for all the above
  7. by   kmchugh
    I consider myself to be of a scientific bent, and of course, I think all these superstitions are nonsense. If a serious scientific study were done with any of them, there would be proof they don't work.

    Of course, if you tell me my patient is going to be an "easy" anesthetic, or that its a quiet day in the OR, you'll get a very nasty look.

    And if a patient is delayed in breathing at the end of the case, I'll draw up narcan, and place it on the pillow next to the patient, just as a kind of warning about what I'm going to have to do if they don't breathe.

    But, really, I know these are true and work.

    Kevin McHugh
  8. by   micro
    totally agree with you.....
    and by the way it is going to be a quiet day in OR, ER, and anywhere else.........
    eeeeeeeeks, I said the q word.....
  9. by   ratchit
    Never say Q or S.. I'll add E (a...s....y.....) to that list. Never tried the sheet corner thing- willing to give it a try, though. <g>

    Never mention the frequent flier, put the code cart outside the door to ward off evil spirits... True, true- I've done both.

    If you get a room ready for an admit then find out they're going to another unit, leave the room alone. Slide board stays on the bed, lights stay on, etc. Otherwise, you'll get something worse by the end of the shift.

    Drips (vasopressors, antiarrythmics, etc) never leave the room until the shift is done. You weaned off the Levophed? Great. Take it out of the room and you'll need it back soon after.

    Can't emphasize enough- if they say they're going to die, or that they have been talking to a dead relative, they're not kidding and they do mean it.

  10. by   deespoohbear
    If a patient tells me they are going to die or start talking to dead relatives, I know they are checking out! Also, if a patient starts smelling flowers when there are no flowers around, watch out. And people definitely die in multiples of 3's.

    Never, ever, ever, say the Q word.

    Don't even think about the frequent fliers.

    Our facility seems to have its own little "phenemon" Twice a year, ACLS classes are held. And during every ACLS class during the past few years, there has been a code in the hospital. Heck, one time we had back-to-back codes in our 4 bed ICU during ACLS.

    Great topic!!
  11. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    We never say the Q word (rhymes with riot). Also, we never say the names of our frequent flyers either. It always comes back and bites you in the #$*@!!
  12. by   P_RN
    One of our doctors from China would ask his patients not be put in a room with a 4 in the number.

    Always start a new baby breastfeeding on the right.

    I always put on my right shoe "get on the right step/right foot forward"

    Knot the sheet at the have something to hold onto.

    Window open...or if no window crack the bathroom door....
  13. by   micro
    never believed in the smelling of flowers either, until i smelled fresh daisies right before that time.......and it was strong.....along with smell of wet cut grass.........
    and i am not making this up.........

    yikes if window doesn't open.....crack the bathroom where is the spirit going to go.........i think i will just use the hallway door.........hehehehehe

    there are some unusual phenoma during this time pre, peri and post.......sorry all don't mean to be morbid..........