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CBS News | Is There A Nurse In The House? The CBS Evening News (Dec 28th) - Eye on America ( My pt called me into his room to watch a news report on the nation-wide nursing shortage. ... Read More

  1. by   natalie
    You're making huge leaps of faith when you state our healthcare system is second to none. We rank 37th of all countries according to World Health Organization. I remember a few years back, we ranked somewhere around 18th for infant mortality! And if you think you will have access and compensation for care as you age, think again. Boomer morbidity with lack of healthcare workers is going to send this country into a tailspin. I'm not so much arguing against the capitalist system, as much as stating that our current system is a disaster. There in fact, IS NO system.
  2. by   natalie
    The topic of retention bothers me greatly. It seems the drive to increase nursing numbers will be geared towards recruitment, with very little effort put in to retaining the veteran nurse. And I believe we are in HUGE numbers. I read somewhere that one of the midatlantic states (New Jersey or Maryland I think) was handing out nursing coloring books to children in first grade. Sounds like brainwash to me. Career choice persuasions for a 5 year old!!!! What a shame.
  3. by   natalie
    Saw the CBS report and sent a blurb to them about the lack of insight re: the shortage. Suggested they dig a little deeper.
  4. by   reg06
    Way to go nurses, keep sending out those complaints to CBS news, it is the only way there will be any public awareness on the issues nurses are dealing with.

    We need to get the PUBLIC on OUR side. Interestingly enough, common people love and respect nurses, as indicated by a poll recently ranking nurses in the top five professions for honesty and trust. You guys, the public is on our side. If they know that nurses are fighting for them, we have the POWER over any of the administrators who want to keep cutting costs.

    KEEP PRESSURING CBS EVENING NEWS until they buckle and shed some light on the true issues.

    Also I started a new post for the debate on healthcare in the US as for profit. Please help me understand what is best: Universal healthcare or for profit. I am very upset with the current system here in the US.
  5. by   fergus51
    OK being a nurse in a "socialized" medical system I had to respond to the claim that we are "inferior". Reg, I have worked in the States and moved back to Canada a few years ago and I can tell you that the technology and supplies are no different here. The reason we have long waitlists is because of the fact that ALL of our citizens have access to medical care and we lose nurses to the higher wages in the States every year.

    I lived in the States from the time I was 12 until I was 23 (worked there for 2 years) and I was one of those not rich enough to be able to afford a trip to the hospital. As a teenager in school I thought I had wrecked my shoulder or something but I couldn't even go to a doctor. Turns out it was only dislocated and because of our lack of money I learned to pop it back in myself. The only time I went to a doctor in my teens when I was there I was told there was nothing wrong with the fact that all my joints cracked. Here in Canada I found out that if I hadn't gotten diagnosed and started taking meds I could have had serious problems as I got older (heart problems, birth defects in my children and losing my sight).

    I know I am rambling here, but this issue has really touched my family. You yourself said that America is a prosperous country, so why does it deny the poor one of the most basic of needs. I am not advocating communism, I am advocating fairness. Everyone should have the right to some basic services like education and healthcare.

    Unfortunately our system is moving more and more in the direction of for profit healthcare. And I really doubt that saves a lot of money when CEOs are taking home salaries in the million dollar range. Already people can avoid those long waitlists for MRIs and some minor surgeries by paying for them in private clinics. Supporters claim it will reduce waiting lists by opening new hospitals and clinics, but they fail to mention that just opening a clinic doesn't make more nurses appear and that is the main reason for the waitlists. All it will do is take nurses away from the hospitals that already exist leaving the system even worse off than before.
  6. by   pk
    Lets solve the problem!Have your human resouces organizations lobby state boards to make it easier to become liscenced in you state.Haven't you made a decision in your career not to go to states who want $150 plus
    have you get endorsements from every state you ever practiced in.If you were a traveler for 20 years licensed in 20 states that could run you $1500.Stop bonuses for nurse managers who keep FTE positions unfilled and require mandatory overtime while they go home everyday at 4pm.Give the bonuses to the staff nurses.Have each state nursing organization to have an annual conference on solving the nursing shortage and then have a very visible national conference just on this topic.Make sure it is run by staff nurses not the old guard who perpertrated this mess.National conventions must start focusing on nurse job satisfaction issues instead of being multimillion dollar product extraviganza's.Finally,support the legislation now before congress to limit the number of hours nurses can be made to work.This one issue scares more nurses away and out of the profession than any other.Oh and salaries,perhaps a national subsidy for nurses funded by private industry or some tax dollars.
  7. by   reg06
    Fergus51 I think you misread my post as I did not say anything about the Canadien system of healthcare as being "inferior."

    I started a new topic on a different post called "for profit healthcare, is it working?" Please go to it and share your views. I stated I am very UNHAPPY with the current US healthcare system
  8. by   pk
    Excellent report on CCN this morning at 9am cst on nursing shortage by Linda Campiana.It lasted 10-15 minutes.Sources included Chicago Tribune articles and South Florida Nursing Shortage Consortium.Perhaps CNN will do town meetings on the shortage.Write in!
  9. by   OC_An Khe
    Originally posted by pk:
    Excellent report on CCN this morning at 9am cst on nursing shortage by Linda Campiana.It lasted 10-15 minutes.Sources included Chicago Tribune articles and South Florida Nursing Shortage Consortium.Perhaps CNN will do town meetings on the shortage.Write in!
    do you have a link to this story/site? All help is appreciated. Thanks and a safe and happy new year.
  10. by   Mijourney
    Hi colleagues. You all make great valid points regarding this vital topic. It's unfortunate that CBS decided to participate in the politics of the powerful in addressing the shortage. I think it's fair for nurses to email them regarding their approach. The one positive about the CBS piece is that the nursing shortage is getting some air time and its encouraging some of us to take action. If the major networks won't be fair to nurses, then we should seek more airtime on cable networks such as C-SPAN. There is a direct link between what we need as nurses and how politicians legislate, judges adjudicate, and presidents or prime ministers execute.

    As for the poster from Canada, you mention that you have long waits because of the shortage of staff? Well, let me inform you that rules, regs, managed care, and corporate profiteering cause me, a U.S. citizen, to have unduly long waits in doctor's offices, clinics, emergency rooms, and inadequate attention in the hospital. Not only that, we ration care in this country depending on your insurance. What's the difference in the systems colleagues? How will making more money solve this problem? Should we have a system of quality health care for a few?
  11. by   Tiara
    What's frustrating is that these news stations have a bias toward the hospitals and the slant is always in that direction. The poor hospitals can't get nurses! They need to know that hospitals have been messing up budgets and putting nurses at the bottom of the food chain for years and years. Nurses become the "bad guys" for not being loyal to the poor put-upon institutions that can't get any money!
  12. by   reg06
    Wow, great posts all,

    I am learning so much here on these forums. It is such a relief to have other nurses to discuss the situations going on right now. I am so thankful to hear that people know what is going on!!!

    It is so overwhelming when you start to read and educate yourself on the issues surrounding healthcare and all the problems. I was feeling so powerless, yet with this forum I feel there are MANY people trying to change the system for the better. All of a sudden I feel people are not so powerless.

    I am looking at healthcare, but also how this all ties in with how huge conglomerate corporations seem willing to do anything for profit with no consideration to human rights, the environment or morality. Now that I see what the power hungry profit driven heads do to attain what they do, everything in the US capitalist society seems to come together and make sense. Basically, it is a disaster.
  13. by   el
    I replied to the article as well. I mentioned that a new grad perspective and sign on bonuses were not the way to go. I stated and I hope I was right that most RN's would be more interested in improved conditions and general professional respect from the Hospital's than a sign on bonus. I also brought up that they should consider all the elderly that come to the hospital with no family and no one to be their voice. I said they should research the amount of lay offs over the last years that hospitals did that caused RN's to leave our profession in droves. I said they should consider the real evil in our health care system is the INSURANCE COMPANIES, who have taken the money of these people for years and years and their employers and now set up criteria and rules and squeeze the hospitals. I basically said the problem is worth alot more than what seemed to be a 5 minute blip. I suggested that they visit one of the many Nursing Bulletin Boards to get a feel for what we think about this shortage. Hopefully, if they get enough response they will do a follow up piece. One more thing, have the reporter follow a staff nurse on a med-surg unit with no notice. Have them just walk in to the hospital and request to do a follow up to the story. Ask specifically for med-surg floors, where my experience tells me they are always short. If the hospital refuses, they should be able to draw some sort of conclusion from that!!!