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  1. I am doing some research for my place of employment. I teach nursing at the ADN level. We as faculty are wondering what is the adverage number of questions that were on your nursing exams in school. If you could respond with the number of questions that you remember on you exams in school. Also if you could remember how many points that were possible in your classes and where you went to school. Thanks again for you help in this matter.

    Charlotte Ramey
    Nursing Instructor
    Kentucky Community and Technical College System
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  3. by   roseglasses
    we had 50 questions on every exam except finals, they were 100!
  4. by   nowim clean
    50-60 finals were 75-80
  5. by   queenjulie
    Virtually all of our ADN exams are 60 questions; finals are 100-120.
  6. by   dudette10
    The shortest exam was 50 questions, and the longest was 100. Each question was worth one point.

    The 100-question exams stretched my test-taking stamina. I liked the 75-question exams for two reasons: 1) I could maintain the intensity of concentration for a test of that length and 2) each question was worth one point but not 1 percentage point. For some reason, that gave me a psychological benefit during the test.

    For classes with a clinical component, the tests were 80%-90% of our grade. 10%-20% was written work. Clinicals were pass/fail, and care plans were a part of clinical, so they weren't included in written work as part of the grade.

    For theory classes (no clinical component), written work was often more than 50% of the grade.

    I went through an ABSN program.
  7. by   crynholder
    I am only about to start my third semester but here as been the break out so far. In our first semester we always had 50 questions but depending on the subject matter they were either worth .5 or 1 point. We had a possible 350 which consist of Quizzes 20p, Test 275p, Group 10p, Projects 12.5p, and Fiinals 32.5p. In 2nd semester we only had 25-30 questions and each question was worth 1 point. Here is the break out for that class: Test 225p, Case Studies 75p, Clinical Notebook/Care Plan 20p, Presentation 10, Class Assignments 20p, and Final 40 (had 100 questions) for a total of 400 points. I am at a community college in Florida. Hope it helps!
  8. by   evap2010
    50 questions for regular exams, 100 questions for the final
  9. by   mmm cdiff
    We had 100 questions for all exams, even the final. I thought having that many was beneficial to get us used to doing a ton of NCLEX questions once we graduated.
  10. by   Whispera
    50 questions each test, and allowed 60 minutes to complete it.
  11. by   NSGstudent12
    50 questions on unit tests, 100 on the final. Each test is worth 100 and you can get a possible total of 1000 points. 780 to pass!
  12. by   Fred Twumasi
    40 to 60