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  1. Eating healthy while being a nurse

    I am about to start a new job on night shift but I will start off training on days. I want to do this 3 month live fit program and my question is how easy is it as a nurse to eat on the job? Part of it requires you to eat 6 small meals a day, or eve...
  2. 3 weeks til NCLEX!

    Sorry guys, I am just now getting around to getting back on here! Sun Dance It only took me about 5 days from the time they sent it off until I got my ATT. It makes me feel better to know your cousin was successful! :) Oztizz I'll take all the help...
  3. 3 weeks til NCLEX!

    I take NCLEX on June 4th and all I'm doing to study is Hurst review and Saunders questions. Did anybody only use Hurst review? If so how long did you study and were you successful the first time? I'm pretty confident with my school's success rate i...
  4. Hi june test takers.....let support each other

    I have been seeing alot of people talk about LaCharity but I have never heard about it..is it any good? I graduate on May 10th, just finished up my preceptorship :) I'll be taking NCLEX as soon as I can schedule it..prob mid June as well! I am doing ...
  5. Internship Interview

    That's awesome! I hope you love it! :) Will you start off taking classes?
  6. Internship Interview

    Thanks ICU_Josie! :)
  7. Internship Interview

    I had an interview for an intership in ICU last week with the hospital that I work for. I'm so excited but I'm trying not to get my hopes up yet! They said I should hear something the beginning of May so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. This is wha...
  8. Has Nursing hardened you?

    I'm assuming she got the "1 in 7" statistic from one of her instructors because I got the same info from my substance abuse lecture this semester. Where my teacher got the info I have no idea..
  9. From a single candle: Words from an RN Pinning Ceremony

    I loved this article. It brought tears to my eyes. I am from the Biloxi MS area, thank you :)
  10. Level 4 stand up!!!

    We take our final in March then have our preceptorship after that and graduate May the 10th
  11. Class Withdraws

    My college only looks at your gpa from your pre-reqs, but I'm sure every college is different. I had a few classes back when I was younger that I failed that had nothing to do with nursing and I still got in. It's prob the same with withdraws. Good...
  12. Level 4 stand up!!!

    Level 2 was tough, but you can do it! Good luck
  13. Internships

    Somone in my class said they do if you have already applied for the Nclex but I dont know how reliable the sourece is..I checked online with the BON to see if there was any info about it but could not find any..
  14. Level 4 stand up!!!

    Soo excited to finally be in level 4!! I can't believe I finally made it. It seems like the time just flew by! I start back on friday the 6th...who's with me??:w00t:
  15. Internships

    Gotcha! Thanks