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  1. by   NightOwl
    What u describe can only get worse as the supposed nursing crunch gets tighter. I really feel for the nurses who have "done their time with a company". It is a sad note to work al those years and then have newbes come in and make not just a little but alot more money. I ask u Alison what is the incentive to stay? Do u need the bene's is that how they hope to hold onto people such as yourself?
  2. by   Shantel
    Hi everyone. As a new graduate I just got hired for a position on the intermediate unit of a large hospital here in Indiana. This unit is a step-down unit of various patient care. I will be making $16.00/hr with a 12% increase on nights. It sounds like those of you in other areas are making much more on the hour. Some of the other hospitals in Indiana pay less than that even.
  3. by   nursedude
    I couldn't resist....

    I am from Western Pennsylvania- near Pittsburgh...10 years experience as a nurse...Have done ER, Cardiac, U.R. and Case management. I have been maxed out at $43,000 a year(including diferentials and overtime) for about 4 years now. Can't seem to make anymore as a nurse.

    Many hospitals in and around Pittsburgh have begun to unionize. I think it's too late for that. I find it interesting that nurses make such poor wages for what we do. How come?

    The nurses at one of the unionized hospitals near my home(UPMC Beaver- see went on strike a few weeks ago. They were striking for more money and better benefits...The hospital screwed them by transporting all of its patients into other hospitals within the same health system. So basically the nurses went on strike against no-one. The hospital didn't loose a dime! The nurses and all others in the union ended up with the same or lower wages!

    In my opinion, Nurses are VERY underpaid. I think that for what we do and for what we are exposed to that no Nurse in the USA should make any less than $50.00/hour...(just my opinion)
  4. by   BethD
    I'm a home care nurse with 5yr experience. I make $25/visit with a visit averaging 30 min ( occationally 15min and sometimes 1.5hrs). and about 15 min of travel time between.

    on a fast day I can do 4 visit in 2 hrs. if they're evening dsg changes and I know the pt.

  5. by   pamsadie
    I am an RN in Worcester,MA and make $28.64 per hour plus $1.75 shift differential and $.60 per hour charge differential. I work on a Med-Surg Telemetry unit. I have 10 years experience as an RN and 7 years prior as an LPN. I have an Associates degree and working on BSN. I was shocked at the nursing salaries posted. WOW!!
  6. by   BabyNurse
    I went to school for 4 years to make 14.93 base + 2.50 shift diff for 3-11P on a telemetry unit. Oh yeah, I neglected to mention that we no longer get any weekend differential or paid holidays.

    In a couple of months I will have completed my first year as a nurse and will be able to do home health nursing at a rate of $20/hr (full-time) and $27/hr (prn). Also, I stay in Norhern Florida so the cost of living is not that bad.

    Baby, RN

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  7. by   egmillard
    I am to take my NCLEX soon in the state of Minnesota, as I am a British RN. Do you know that the average RN wage in England is $11-13 an hour, not even the agency nurses make the USA RN wage. I am not sure how the healthsystem in England can justify that wage, when it is so expensive to live there.
  8. by   JGlass
    In Johnson City TN we get paid with penuts,around 12 -13 penuts an hour that is!!Starting Salery,after benifits and a nice home here cost aroung 2-350 thousand so you can imagine the cost of living vrs Income..
  9. by   AnonymousRN
    I work in CCU as a staff RN in the NY/Metro area. I have a BSN, graduated in 1997 and have two years nursing experience under my belt. I currently earn $27.12/hr plus $2.31/hr. night diff. I also get a $1,000/yr. BSN diff that is paid out in June. As this is considered bonus pay, they tax that at 45%. Last year, I grossed $51,000 and change. This is considered low for my geographic location.
  10. by   BJA
    I work in Little Rock, Arkansas. Starting hospital salaries are approximately $13 - $15 per hour. Long-term RN employees may make as much as $25/hr plus differentials etc. There is a severe nursing shortage, but wages have not been greatly affected. Most hospitals have to use agencies and travelers and pay those exorbitant costs. Somehow that makes more sense to them than just paying their own employees a little more. Union talk is getting louder. One of the big hospitals is holding a union election in a couple of weeks.
  11. by   northern girl
    Here in the North the RNs start at $27 plus $0.89 living allowance. of course that is in canadian money which equals about $0.50 american!
  12. by   RNinGA
    I work in Atlanta,Ga. There is a severe nursing shortage here, like the rest of the world. I work on a pediatric cardiology step-down unit. With 5 years experience my base is $16.19. I work week-end option (every Sat. and Sun. night-12 hours) so I get an$8.00/hr diff for this. The hospital is offering time and a half plus $13.00/hr for extra shifts. If you pick up extra shifts in the unit, they are paying time and a half plus $25.00/hr. The critical staffing pay is great--but constantly working short staffed gets old fast!!
  13. by   goldilocksrn
    I live on the central coast of Calif. and have been at my current job for 2 years. I started out making 15.62 an hour (new grad) and now make 17.68 an hour. There is no clinical ladder or diff pay for BSNs (which I am) It doesn't sound too terrible, but I live in an area where people move to retire from LA and SF and drive the cost of living sky high!