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  1. Can Nursing be Lucrative?

    I too must disagree with Dplear. Hospital lawyers will always work for the best interests of the hospital, not the nurse. The hospital malpractice insurance will cover you even if you have your own insurance. That is part of their obligation as your ...
  2. attn:Brad Alm

    Try this:
  3. Nurses and unions

    I did not really take your comments as an attack, and I did say that I agreed with you. I was feeling a little spiky that day. Sorry. Your comment on great charting is pretty accurate too. I love this comment too. "I CARE THEREFORE THE UNCARING MAKE...
  4. Nurses and unions

    spacenurse, I agree with much of what you say. However . . . . when I was a little kid, and I would feel unjustly insulted or accused, my mother would say, "If the shoe fits, wear it. Otherwise, don't worry about it." I am choosing to apply that le...
  5. male nurse

    Buckboomer: Yeah! What Shodobe said! Charles said it well too.
  6. Pat ourselves on the back

    GREAT TOPIC! I took care of a 50 year old lady in our ICU. She came in with respiratory distress. She ended up on a ventilator for about a week. She was fairly alert most of the time. I worked all week with her, provided lots of support and hand-hold...
  7. Nurses and unions

    Maybe you can't change the ANA at the national or state level but you can certainly begin to effect change at the local level. Everything starts with one.
  8. Nurses and unions

    National nurses union? I don't think I like that idea. We already have a national nurse's organization in place (ANA). If more of us were members and we used our political clout a little better, we could make some real progress. We are making some he...
  9. Nurses and unions

    The hospital I work for finally voted for union by a very close margin. This was the second vote on the issue. The union drive was spearheaded by people that were unhappy with staffing, job security, the usual things most of us are unhappy about. Th...
  10. Drug Abuse/Nurses/Kristi

    Joankim, Your comment about choice reminded me of some things I hadn't thought of in a while. I was in a treatment program before I realized that I had a choice. It was a hard lesson. It can be very refreshing and enlightening to realize that there i...
  11. my first day as RN

    Congratulations! I remember feeling like an imposter when I first started signing RN after my name. Now I have a hard time remembering NOT to put it after everything. You will learn and adjust. There is some good advice posted by others, you don't n...
  12. I too have lived in areas where there is not a nursing shortage. It can be frustrating. I moved from MN to AR 10 years ago. The nursing shortage in the Little Rock area is ridiculous. Can you breathe in and out? Do you have a license? Good, you're h...
  13. Drug Abuse/Nurses/Kristi

    What a great topic! Obviously very near and dear to the hearts of many. I went through a drug and alcohol treatment program 10 years before I started nursing school. I have now been clean and sober for almost 20 years. I believe that nurses who ar...
  14. I took the boards- now I feel surreal

    Your chance of passing if the computer shut off @ 75 questions: A couple of years ago, the statistic was that 95% passed if the thing shut off at 75. Those are huge odds in your favor. I'd bet money on you!
  15. All good ideas!! I think that your realization that you don't know things, is a great step in learning. I once read a quote by some wise old philosopher whose name I forgot long ago, I'll try to paraphrase . . . The better educated we become, the mo...