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  1. No, following graduation I DID NOT feel that I was adequately prepared for my new role as a nurse. I graduated from Florida Atlantic University in April 1999 with a bachelor's degree in nursing. Our College's focus was very unique in that it was base...
  2. Pay check as the measure of gratification in nursing

    Molly, I agree with a lot of the things that you had to say. I do not think that anyone became a nurse to become rich (or atleast I would hope not). However, as being a new nurse, I find it very depressing to see co-workers who have been nurses 20+ ...
  3. I need help. The only aspect of nursing I know about involves med/surg and telemetry. Although I am very interested in home health care, the hospital that I am working at is in need of OR nurses. I want to know more about the duties of an OR nurse be...
  4. nursing salaries

    I went to school for 4 years to make 14.93 base + 2.50 shift diff for 3-11P on a telemetry unit. Oh yeah, I neglected to mention that we no longer get any weekend differential or paid holidays. In a couple of months I will have completed my first y...
  5. How long did you stay on your first nursing job?

    I have been a nurse for approx 8 months. I am still employed at the same hospital on the telemetry/cardiovascular interventional unit. I am so tired of floor nursing, and am surprised that I have kept my sanity this long. Due to the "nursing short...