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  1. Home Health Organizations

    I think the web site is it's the only one I came across that was close good luck Beth RN
  2. I may be in a minority but I love my job, my hours and get great pay. I'm a homecare nurse. I get paid by the visit and my general hours are 2p-7p but I never am out that long and I see 2-6 ( usually 3-4)pt a day. my productivity is 19visit/week. ...
  3. Having your Mother as your Nurse Manager

    I have been ther eand done that on a few different occations. often when my mother has been short staffed and she knew I was free and would help out. lets see, I worked as an CNA when she was DON at the nursing home I work as a HHA when she was HHA ...
  4. Call 911 and initiate CPR or Call 911 and wait?

    to the best of my knowledge the new policy of the american heart Assoc. is to call 911 then start CPR with adults, but to start in children then call (children often have arrested due to lack of O2 ie chocking drowneding and can often being breathin...
  5. Pros/Cons of Home Health and OR Nursing

    well I know Home Health not OR and I love working in Home health so My opinion is highly slanted. when I think of OR nursing I think of standing on you feet alot and long hours. and a doctor constantly telling you to give them stuff. in home care y...
  6. nursing salaries

    I'm a home care nurse with 5yr experience. I make $25/visit with a visit averaging 30 min ( occationally 15min and sometimes 1.5hrs). and about 15 min of travel time between. on a fast day I can do 4 visit in 2 hrs. if they're evening dsg changes a...
  7. home health productivity - opinion

    patty, I would suggest checking out other agencies in your area. full time productivity at my agency is 32visits/wk. and that's pretty standard for around here ( mass) I personal chose to work in home care partly for the less stress environment. I ...