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  1. NightOwl

    How long did you stay on your first nursing job?

    Well here you go. My first job was on a straight medical floor and lasted 2 1/2 months, left that hospital and spent a year on a Med/surg floor. Got bored and went to yet my third hospital on a step down type floor. Hopefully, Ill last a year before ...
  2. NightOwl

    need information

    I would also suggest contacting a hospital, prefereably the one you would like to work at. I would try to find a class that offers an generalized overview ie. most hospitals offer their nurses a "skills day" where they review needed knowledge. Why ...
  3. NightOwl

    nursing salaries

    What u describe can only get worse as the supposed nursing crunch gets tighter. I really feel for the nurses who have "done their time with a company". It is a sad note to work al those years and then have newbes come in and make not just a little bu...
  4. NightOwl

    "Eating Our Young" and Ethics

    I must sadly agree with the above posts. Nursing does eat their young and their old. When I got out of school and started my first job I had a bad preceptor. She answered my questions for about 2 days then after that she refused any questions and a...
  5. NightOwl

    Why are dayshift nurses so grouchy?

    Well I feel the need to cast my vote on the grouchy shift. It is days hands down. When I started at my current position 2 years ago. I began my orientation on days of course and could not wait to go to nights. There was no way I was going to ...
  6. NightOwl

    Nursing Shortage

    To BLUE11RN Hi am a bit surprised by your response. You said that you went ot home care and are making more than hospital pay. Are they now paying more than before or is it because you do IV therapy? I was in home care before and they paid...
  7. NightOwl

    management of work

    Its all about prioritizing your time. There are many ways to do that and you will prolly find that, as I do, you will use many ways. 1. ALWAYS SEE FIRST! The sickee who is unstable, no matter what! Then next is the pt who is RECENTLY stable. The g...
  8. NightOwl

    Nursing Shortage

    I agree to some extent. I dont believe there is a full blown nursing shortage yet. I do believe nursing staff are leaving hospitals in droves looking for more money elsewhere. Who can blame them. We have people who have been didicated employees for...
  9. NightOwl

    per diem vs full time nurses

    It would be difficult for a per diem to give continuity of care, especially if she is truly per diem IE only there once a week or so. We shouldnt be expecting that of them. They are there to fill a hole in staffing, and I for one am glad to see them ...
  10. NightOwl

    Regents College

    Hi Im considering going back and advancing my degree at Regents. Has anyone had any dealings with the school, what are they like, what have you heard? Are their programs any good? Does the work force take them seriously, as a accreditted school? I...
  11. It sad what is sais in the above posts, but it is true. I dont know how many times i have went in to look at a diabetics to be told i was the first one to look at them and check for pulses. We have delegated to many activities to CNAs and then no t...
  12. NightOwl

    8 hour shift vs. 12 hour shift - your opinion...

    I just switched jobs. I was working 8 hour shifts, 4 a week. Now i work 3 12 hour shifts. What a difference in my personal life. I actually have more time to do things. I have always worked nights and that 4th night a week was a killer and i did nt r...
  13. NightOwl

    cut in pay

  14. The basic question that you ask is very loaded. Is there a nursing SCHOOL shortage? Yes and no. The problem is multifaceted: there are many nursing programs but they only allow so many students to enter due to predictions of how the market will respo...
  15. NightOwl

    Lack of staffing on midnights

    You are not going to save the day. You have already approached them about THEIR inadequecies and they have responded by giving you more work. Well, hand them your walking papers. We are entering a nursing crunch and you can get employment just abou...
  16. NightOwl

    Lack of staffing on midnights

    This note is in response to a few of the posts above. ERBN GIRL: Good luck in your new job, soumds like it will be better for you. As far as our staffing we do take 7 patients but we are a split unit, we are tele only the cardiac and vascular sx go t...