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Attention :nurse: If anyone is familiar with working at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, please share your nursing experiences with me here. I have applied to attend their RN Refresher... Read More

  1. by   deespoohbear
    Renee- I don't know anything about Miami Valley Hospital from an employee stand point, but a close friend of my brother-in-law was airlifted there last March after a serious auto accident. The guy coded like 3 times in the chopper for the 15 minute flight down and wasn't expected to live through the first night. He eventually ended up leaving the hospital like 6 or 7 weeks later in good shape. The staff at MVH told him that they had never seen a trauma as bad as his live and have a good prognosis. Sounds like a great place to me. Have heard good things about it from a patient's point of view. Good luck....
  2. by   LasVegasRN
    Congratulations on your move back to the Buckeye state!! I don't have any info on the programs, my experience was in Toledo and Cleveland, but I wish you the very best!
  3. by   zudy
    :hatparty: Happy Almost Birthday,Renee!!!!:kiss Hope it's a good one!! And good luck on your move!
  4. by   live4today
    Thanks a bunch Leah, Dee, Vegas, Zudy, and everyone who has already posted before for the well wishes! I haven't been this excited about anything in five years!!! So, what's that say about my once miserable life for the past five years, eh?

    I am sooooooo excited about beginning a new life for myself in my hometown where I still have plenty of great friends, and a few good family members left! Everyone's love here at Allnurses means a great deal to me. I'll keep ya'll posted on my job progress. Again, thanks for the love nurses! Nurses rock!!! :kiss