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Discussion overheard at lunch today: ER RN (white female) "discussing" her opinion with Respiratory Therapist (white, male) and EMT (black, male) that within 10-years white women will no longer be... Read More

  1. by   micro
    Originally posted by Rustyhammer
    You know, I'm getting just a LITTLE BIT TIRED of reading and addressing race issues on the BB.
    I don't feel it serves a productive purpose and I feel it's silly to even bring it up!
    Lets move on people!!
    rusty, thx

    hey, las vegas.....beautiful lady and girl...........

    and onto this ugly thing called why races should divide us.......i say bunk........

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    hey, cool all more and more of us are coming on with all out beauty..........oh, what a part we play with this humanity ting we got goin' on...............

    love to all and peace
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    I never saw this as being focused on race. Did some of the senior people here read something into it because of earlier posts somewhere? Not sure, but I do agree that the composition of nurses will keep changing. We simply don't get paid very well for our college degrees and young white women, who have been the predominent make up of those in our nursing schools, are directing their career efforts in other directions. So, yes, others will become the nurses. It's not about race, it's about economics. It makes easy sense to choose a profession where you can start out making 60k a year for your bacalaureate degree over one that pays about half that. It's a shift that has occured in other industries and is now happening in nursing.
    originally posted by lasvegasrn

    no disrespect, skm, but if you can show me one thread on this board where there was a positive exchange all the way through where there was no name calling and unnecessary bickering on a race issue i could agree with you. but, it's always reduced to that. why?
    i have no problem discussing the issues if posters could "come correct" instead of generalizing. i'm sure quite a few of the "old timers" wouldn't mind sharing their knowledge and what has helped them to face adversity if there wasn't so much "these old white women. these filipina people. these ungrateful're not a minority so you don't know" stuff wasn't presented so callously. in fact, quite a few have attempted to do so in other threads but again, it's reduced to sophomoric silliness and immaturity, in my opinion. indeed, it is sad and disappointing to see how we in this noble profession display that kind of behavior in a public forum.

    but, like you said, if this behavior on a thread is seen - which it is, over & over & over & over again, those who don't appreciate it can stay silent.
    ...your point regarding how these types of thread turning either silly or ugly. and i do understand why some people are "tired" of that type of behavior...that's why i'm saddened by some of the dismissive responses that i've seen...true, this type of discussion can evoke passionate responses...and some have been filled with so much venom & discord. that kind of anger really do need to be properly vented & then discussed with the hopes of some type of healing as a result.

    thank you lasvegasrn:kiss for assisting me in what i was trying to relay.
  4. by   Teshiee
    Again, not reality only perception. I will agree nursing has brought more opportunities for women from all walks of life. And some women of different ethnic groups whether they are black, white, asian or hispanic are seeking a higher degree. I work with many nurses and see all different sizes, color, shapes of women in nursing. So in knowing that I don't agree with that statement. I also notice some people comments about beating the dead horse then why on earth do you respond to such threads if it bothers thee? I don't exactly agree with some threads so I don't participate. As long as we live in a society of diversity this topic of culture, race is not going away. It is time we as a people of the human race start tolerating each other, period!
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    I too gotta agree that this thread doesn't serve any useful purpose. Please, moderators...close it. Thanks.
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    originally posted by lasvegasrn
    i am not offended by this thread. i am weary that in this day and age medical professionals still see things in black and white. i am not offended by anything related to race - i've lived it all my life, i've been affected by it all my life. but it does not rule my life or my profession. :angel2:
    gorgeous little one next to ya there 'mom'!
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    originally posted by cheerfuldoer

    gorgeous little one next to ya there 'mom'!
    thanks! love my baby girl. well, okay, she's not a baby anymore but she's still my baby girl! :d
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    ditto to the beauty of the little one.........lasvegas rn

    race, why must it be a race?

    micro just asks!!!!!!!!!

    love and peace to all
  9. by   canoehead
    Hey, I'm tired about talking about race but obviously there are some people that still have issues. They have every right to discuss it as long as they are respectful to each other.
  10. by   jayna
    Okay, AS for me from the cool pacific. This is new to me.
    And I don't feel offended.
    But but let me tell ya my story.

    I travelled around to NZ, Aussie, England and Switzerland. Never felt inferior until I stepped in the Asia soil. From Philippines to Vietnam, OMG. I got the shock of my life at how Asias felt about Black ppl. They can be very rude and can clearly show it in their faces. And this is especially women/ girls and young boys. OMG

    Well, when on the street, they can just laughed at you calling you a lowest pig(black is lowest in vietnam culture). And here me not give a damn on what this is all about who cares about what the heck they are saying. I will talk english and this is just put a full stop on them.(Suprise a black person can speak white ppl's language..hahhahaha).
    When ever am in the shops they will laughed and stare and screw their faces and when I spoke english , they will be suprise and they will ask where I work and I said WHO, this is just scared the hell outta them and trying to help me.

    Okay this topic is very different, but I just wanna share this with you. That Some Asians can be very rude and I came across most here and got the shock of my Entire life. But who cares.
    I don't give a damn.

    Sorry if I may offend some Asia...............give you a SMILE.
  11. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by Figaro's Mom
    "I don't see that as sticking your head in the sand; I see it as beating a dead horse when folks would like to move on to more pressing things."

    By Brownie:

    YOU are kidding right?? Move on to more pressing things?? What's pressing...and if it's pressing, why are you wasting time posting to a thread you don't think is worth your time?? Did you feel requred to post?? Look I'm not try to be ill with you Figaro's Mom...but I don't see the problem??? I read topics on a daily basis, and I pick and chose what I'm interested enough in to
    respond to. That is what anyone who doesn' want to participate, or read this thread should do.

    There are minorities who don't participate in these kinds of threads...for whatever reason. But maybe one of the people saying their tired of beating a dead horse. The horse will be dead, when racism doesn't exist. And since it does still exist, and those who aren't the norm have to deal with it on a daily basis...then this is exactly the place that should come to discuss it. It's pertinent to what is happening to them in the circles in which they live and work! Just because one, two or 10 minorities don't want to discuss the topic...that doesn't mean it is relevent enough to tell others they can't or shouldn't either!

    It sounds to me like the woman who originally made this comment feels threatened, which makes no sense to me. I would think in the midst of a nursing shortage, ANY competent compassionate nurse, regardless of where they're from or what they look like, would be welcomed to work side-by-side!
    Brownie : And here I agree with matter what the person looks like, or believes, everyone should feel accepted for their knowledge, and what they bring to the assistance of others. I don't care who takes care of long as they believe in taking care of me as they would themselves!!
    I can recite story after story of not only racist acts perpetuated against nurses...but MDs too! In fact I will! I worked with a DO, who was an OB/GYN, and BLACK! He came to S. C. to fulfill a requirement to pay back loans he received in school. He was promised the opportunity to work in an area of his and his wife's chosing. His wife was a surgeon. They lied! Problem is...his wife just happened to be white! Anyway..long story short....the first place they sent them was a distraster!!

    Then they sent him to S. C....wrong again!! Not only did they not provide a place for him to bring his family...they tried their best to get rid of him. They put him up in a studio apart...for an assignment that was supposed to last two years. when he tired to find a bigger place...when he would arrive to see it ....they would tell him it was taken!!!

    The state board of licensing...kept LOSING his paper work..numerous times!!! When he finally did get his license..and applied to the hospital where he was supposed to work for privileges...THEY (hospital) KEPT losing his paperwork!!

    After about 6 mons...He got tired of the whole thing...and got a it became obvious the hospital didn't want him there! The hospital had accepted 2mil from a healthy start grant d/t low infant mortality, as they were on the verge of bankruptcy. Do you know they tried to give the money back rather then have him work in their hospital as a DR!!! He WON his case.. and didn't have to pay back another dime!! This was in 1997...not 20yrs ago!!! Hopefully he is now living peacefully back in MO. Now I could go on, and on, and on...but racism isn't something we need to talk about... right???

    Sorry about making this long...I really did try to stop after the first paragraph...
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  12. by   RNforLongTime
    Originally posted by canoehead
    Hey, I'm tired about talking about race but obviously there are some people that still have issues. They have every right to discuss it as long as they are respectful to each other.
    Ditto! As long as people are being respectful of one another, I cannot and will not close a thread.
  13. by   mattsmom81
    JMHO, but I like the kinds of dialogue where we may speak honestly to one another and ask intelligent do we learn about each other's varied cultural backgrounds, opinions, etc. if we can't discuss??

    I took Gomer's original post as a "Hey I overheard this and I'm not sure what to make of it...what do you guys think?" kinda post.

    If some of us aggravate others, intentionally or not, we CAN simply choose (or not) to ignore...but I HOPE we can all continue to try and communicate despite our differences, because I sure don't like the alternative.....I'm MUCH too talkative to enjoy silence amongst my peers!!

    Luv ya'll!! And ps..I am PALER than pale (always hated it...wanted a nice tan shade) and work with lovely people of ALL shades, genders, and preferences (and I luv them too...good people come in all packages, don't they???) .

    I like all your pics...guess I need to fork out some $$ for a scanner to put my own mug up for the world to see.