Nursing 'legacies'? How many of you have nurses in your family? - page 5

I was just wondering how many of us became nurses (or decided not to!) because they had family members who were nurses, and how this might have affected your outlook or enthusiasm for nursing. ... Read More

  1. by   adrienurse
    Okay here's the medical family tree. My grandfather was an army x-ray tech, apparently he was so good at "reading" x-rays that the MD's used to "consult" him. His wife, my grandmother, apparently always dreamed of becoming a nurse, but never did. Her parents pressured her to drop out of highschool because her time would be better "spent" working as a maid and earning money.

    Next came my Mom, who graduated with her RN in 69, her sister is a psychoanalyst and a former massage therapist. My dad's younger siblings so looked up to my Mom that they each at one point worked in the field as health care assistants, one became an LPN, one is now a Massage therapist and another is an Activities worker in a nursing home. Several of their children are also in the health care field or have married those in the health care field.

    One sister is an accountant and the other works for a drug company. How dull
  2. by   kimmicoobug
    I have an aunt who was a CNA....does that count? Ummm, no one in my family has ever wanted to do nursing. My family has teachers, lots of military, factory workers, bus drivers...whatever. No one is really interested in health care except for me.
  3. by   LauraF, RN
    My great aunt was one of the first women to get their MSN in the south. My dad is a retired Saunder book salesman and my mom runs a pulmonology office, my brother is a fireman, and on the FEMA team. But I wanted to be a nurse ever since I can remember.
  4. by   sbic56
    First nurse and probably last...sister started in radiology and is now a cardiac cath tech. Neither of us would recommennd this biz to our own, but it beats waiting tables!
  5. by   emily_mom
    My great aunt was a nurse in Waco, TX. Other than that, just me...