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Recently a few of the "old-timers" and I were gabbing about ineffective treatments that used to be the standard of care for pts. Such as: MOM, sugar, and heat lamp therapy for Stage III... Read More

  1. by   kaycee
    Also do you all remember the cardiac monitors that were small circles and only one or two QRS's could fit across at one time.
  2. by   galenight
    Until about 1 year ago when this old doc retired, we were doing CVP readings by laying the patient flat for 10 minutes, then using what looked like a homade plastic thing with a level in it. You put the plastic thingy under the patient at the level of the heart and then the manometer with the red line level with the well... level. Then you opened the stopcock to fill the manometer then closed it until the ball stopped dropping and voila! you had your cvp reading. It about killed some patients to lay completely flat with no pillow, let me tell you! We still use bucks tx (5#), but so infrequently that we have to get out the manual and look like a bunch of idiots to the patient! I recall seeing a t-tube used once or twice since I started in 1997, but we rarely have vents in our small rural hospital. Oh.. and by the way.. we still use metal bedpans, emesis basins and wash basins! The patients swear we refridgerate the bedpans... drat! they are on to us!!!
  3. by   night owl
    Crank beds! Worked wonders for my hangovers after a night of partying! When I stood up, I ran to the nearest open window saying, "I need air! I think I'm going to vomit!!!"
    Green soap- used this to wash out urine drainage bags...every morning!
    Amphyl-used this to wash everything down
    Mopping floors-always did this on evening shift
    Washed our own beds once a week. HN made us bring in steel wool to rub the chrome siderails to get rid of the rust. Then we had to lift the bed frame, step inside and wash underneath where the coils were.
    For the decubes we used sugar, betadine mixture, methiolate (dropped a few bottles) after we used the gooseneck lamps.
    For superficial stage I decubes we placed the pt on a stretcher and stuck their butts or limb or hip in the sun for 15-20 min everyday and it healed nicely.
    At one time we used the external caths connected to a connecting tube which drained into the urinals hanging on the side of the bed then dumped the urine in a big bucket. Had to do the green soap thing to the urinals every morning. Then came the drainagebags.
    The clincher here is that I work with a nurse who is Chinese and she told me that when she was a little girl in China they tested the urine for glucose by placing a small amt of urine in a small bowl and then placed the bowl outside their front door. Depending on how many ants were attracted to the urine in 5 min, that's how much insulin they received...10 ants/5min.=2 units Reg Insulin, 20 ants/5 min=3 units, etc. Do you believe that???? Now there's one way to cut costs!
  4. by   zudy
    Counting the ants!! I love it!! Don't let the bean counters hear about this, tho, they would love it.
  5. by   extremebean
    a couple days ago one of the RN's i work with told me she remembers tasting the urine to check for spilling out sugar...........
    hmmm.........TASTING THE URINE??????????????
  6. by   patsyh11
    How about Paraldehyde for DT's? The patients could either drink it (and they reeked of the awful smell) or you could give it to them IM with a glass syringe. And God help you if you dropped it-the nurses station/med room would stink for days......
  7. by   JonRN
    Urine tasting? I remember it fondly, we would sit around and discuss it afterwards like fine wine i.e. nice fruity flavor, spring like, a bit too sweet etc.

  8. by   sjsap
    Originally posted by JonRN
    Urine tasting? I remember it fondly, we would sit around and discuss it afterwards like fine wine i.e. nice fruity flavor, spring like, a bit too sweet etc.

    :roll I do hope you are kidding b/c I am laughing so hard I need to leave a sample.........
  9. by   JonRN
    At last!!!!!!!! Someone who appreciates my unusual sense of humor. I am used to threads dying the minute I post. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! You hve restored my faith in humanity!!!!!!

  10. by   VivaLasViejas
    My grandmother (who was a nurse during World War I) used to talk about Lysol douches.....Ouch!!
  11. by   canoehead
    Post gallbladder surgery when I was in nursing school we would drain the vial via latex tube from abd, walk out of room and return with the drained bile in a med cup for the pt to drink. We were instructed not to tell the pt where it came from or they would hork.
  12. by   imenid37
    alcohol drip for ptl. in school we had heard of the cold wet sheet wrap for pt's. in psych. at the facility we went to, never saw it though. sounded scary. instructor (she was way kookier than the pt's.) said they wrapped them up like a mummy in these cold wet sheets. (circa 1985).
  13. by   dawngloves
    Originally posted by stevierae

    Does anybody remember the old fashioned "blow bottles" used post-op? And the old glass Gomcos, for suction or wound drainage?

    I worked at a facility that had a Gomco on the code cart! I died laughing remembering the M*A*S*H* episode where they were so happy to get their new suction, a Gomco! And here we were, in 1998...:chuckle