Nursing hat with ruffles required?

  1. Literally - a round hat with ruffles all the way around and surrounded by a ribbon with a bow. Like I would imagine Florence N. to wear.

    Has anyone ever seen this or work where it is required?

    I was offered the job but am literally turning it down because of this.

    It feels demeaning and ridiculous. How can I be taken seriously wearing this thing. No way! When I walked in for my interview I saw these hats and I just couldn't believe it.


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  3. by   shock-me-sane
    That is horrible! Mandatory they hire males too?

    I have only seen hats on LVN students in the hospital and I feel bad for them.
  4. by   Noryn
    I personally think hats are ridiculous, and they disgust me as I find it hard to believe that they can be adequately cleaned on a daily basis.
  5. by   regularRN
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Back in the UK, ten years ago, I wore hats like that all the time - along with the dress (pale blue) the hose and shoes (both white)... at least everyone knew I was an RN... These days I wear scrubs and no one has a clue who I am...
  6. by   pink2blue1
    As much as I think I would hate wearing one while working, the day I earned my cap and got capped at the capping ceremony was one of my proudest moments. The cap is a symbol I remember growing up and seeing nurses in all white wearing them. To me personally it's a symbol of the history of nursing and while in today's world I would hate wearing them while working, I don't think that they are stupid. Does that make sense? I am proud of my cap and display it in my home :-) Of course, I am an LVN ;-)
  7. by   elkpark
    They're caps, not hats, and the one you're describing used to be referred to as "the Bellevue fluff" (isn't that a great nickname for it?? ) because it was originally the cap of the Bellevue Hospital (NYC) school, one of the first three legitimate, Nightingale model, schools of nursing in the United States. (However, lots of other schools have adopted the same cap over the years.) It has a rich and proud history.

    However, I've never heard of a hospital requiring all its nurses to wear a particular cap -- it's schools that have official caps, and, if you're going to wear a cap, you should be wearing the cap of your school, not your employer ... I had no idea there were any hospitals left that still required caps (let alone, a hospital that dictates which cap you must wear!)

    I am, apparently, one of the last nurses in the country that doesn't have a problem with caps -- I've worked in psych most of my career and have generally worn street clothes but, to this day, if I'm in a situation that calls for wearing "whites," I wear my cap.
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  8. by   SaderNurse05
    May I ask what state you are? I have never heard of an employer requiring a hat...
  9. by   Noryn
    Bah caps, hats same difference.

    Seriously, how can this not be an fomite? With people hacking, sneezing and gosh knows what else.
  10. by   sharlynn
    [QUOTE] I am, apparently, one of the last nurses in the country that doesn't have a problem with caps

    I agree with you 100%, and also with Capping being one of my proudest moments. I remember a Chicago hospital with similar caps, but that was a long time ago - when nurses LOOKED like nurses!
  11. by   lotus31
    Do male nurses have to wear a cap also? This is a new millenium, they need to stop living in the '50's. While I haven't graduated yet and still earning my right to wear a cap, I don't think you should have to wear one to signify you're a nurse. I don't have a problem with whites, but if you ask me to put on a white dress with stockings and a nursing cap we're going to have problems. To be totally honest it sounds like some male fantasy (sorry guys).

  12. by   Noryn
    Nursing has evolved. Yes life may have been much simpler and better 50 years ago, but we cant go back. Statements like "when nurses looked like nurses" are condescending and are part of the reason many younger nurses resent older nurses and caps.

    Today, 50 years ago or 100 years ago it doesnt matter. A cap is not what makes a nurse a nurse.
  13. by   Suninmyheart
    Actually it is a LTC facility that requires these bellevue caps. I am primarily looking for a job in Hospitals but it is taking so long that I am considering LTC as a temporary fix - but that is another thread.

    Seriously, this cap requirement IS a deal breaker.
  14. by   snowfreeze
    Hats on nurses are like ties on docs doing rounds, germ collectors that have no other purpose. No one washes either after every shift.