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I'm in a RN program and it is required for us to wear our caps. We hate it What do you think? Did you have to wear one? and What year was it?... Read More

  1. by   RN(MH)
    I hate wearing caps/hats. Never had to when I did my nurse training, but did have to when I worked for a private nursing establishmnet. They were paper and looked and felt terrible. It also hurts when an elderly patient tries to pull it off your head.
    In mental health uniforms are not even worn, let alone caps. I find it a much relaxes atmosphere in that environment and so did the patients, who used first names with the nurses as well. Very important in mental healthe I think.
  2. by   indigo girl
    I worked thru an agency at a facility in RI, which shall remain nameless.
    I was scheduled for night shift, and went over to check the place out the day before I was scheduled.

    My first thought was that I had accidently walked into a movie set.
    My second thought was that I had somehow lapsed into the Twilight Zone.
    My third was that it was a costume party.

    Nope. None of those. It was privately owned, and the owner insisted that its nurses, and med techs wear caps and white uniforms, I was told by the white uniformed director of nurses with her starched cap. Believe it. It really happened, and I am sure it continues. I will admit that they sure did look professional!
  3. by   jabiru
    The comments that caps are an infection control issue interest me. I trained 75 - 78 and caps were part of all trainee nurses' uniforms then. RNs wore veils. The veils weren't a problem because the RNs did very little actual patient care - that was all done by the students.

    Back to the infection control point: our hair had to be up. And I do mean UP. Right under the cap, nothing hanging down. And the cap covered the lot - well, almost the lot. I know I'm going to sound a zillion years old here (not far off it) but when I see nurses these days with their hair trailing halfway down their backs, I wonder if we didn't throw the baby out with the bathwater when we got rid of caps.
  4. by   DutchgirlRN
    Yes to wearing a cap as a student. The year 1975. Wore cap as a nurse into the early 80's.
  5. by   truern
    Quote from Era
    I always wanted one but my cohort didn't even had to have one! ( yeah yeah infection control etc etc but I think they looked quite cool! ). I'd still wear a belt if I had to.
    Us day shift nurses wore our whites and caps for Halloween. My patients told me I looked like a "real nurse". I told them I was a REAL nurse the day before when I wore my scrubs, too

    Actually..other than a giggle or two in the cafeteria mostly we got compliments on how professional we looked
  6. by   augigi
    Wow.. I can't believe in this day that anyone would have the option, let alone mandate, of wearing a cap. How ridiculous. What is the purpose meant to be?
  7. by   RNLifesaver
    I worked in a long term care facility (a large one- 4 floors) and the old lady who owned the place was an LPN. She MANDATED that all nurses wore a cap. And you had to wear all white. The dress code was strict. If you did not have a cap, you were able to purchase one in the lobby. This was up until about 5-6 years ago. I no longer work there, but I have heard that she no longer mandates the cap. (They just encourage you to wear it....)

    Personally, I do not care for them. But they do look professional I guess. (Although I always thought mine looked like a sailor cap or something!!)

    So what if you have to wear it in nursing school?? It isn't forever. If you don't wear it there, you'll probably never wear it again! I think it shows some pride in the profession! Enjoy it! And just think- it'll make a cool story to tell future nurses when you share your story!!!!
  8. by   jabiru
    Quote from augigi
    What is the purpose meant to be?
    To keep the hair under control and to show status.
  9. by   muffie
    tg we did not have to in 1984-87
    my hair was about 1 cm long
    how would you attach a cap to that
    crazy glue for crazy hat
  10. by   Otessa
    I graduated in 1992 and we wore caps for one of our solo graduation pictures(borrowed).

    They stopped requiring them in 1990
  11. by   Otessa
    Quote from jabiru
    To keep the hair under control and to show status.
    I can frencH braid my hair AND wash it every day-can you say the same for a CAP???
  12. by   Otessa
    today i see people losing all pride in their schools of nursing. i think that is sad and a poor commentary of the respect people have for their education.

    i think that is a classic quote right there. there are a lot of nurses who went to a college or a university so there wouldn't be a school of nursing to respect. i respect my bachelor's degree in nursing every day by the job i do and how i care for my patients and treat my co-workers.
  13. by   muffie
    i am proud of my education, school of nursing and my profession
    my pride is inside me in my heart and outside on the smile on my face
    i choose to not wear white and the respect i receive starts with the respect i have for myself