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  1. Advice PLEASE - Considering Nursing @ 39

    If you hear 'the call' then do so. You're still young to start a career in nursing. Good luck!
  2. :roll Hahahahah That's funny! My story? Simple..... I wanted to make my Grandfather proud + the fact that I was from a line of nurses & midwives! I also wanted to make a difference in my own little way.
  3. loss of a fellow co-worker

    Sorry for your loss. -x-
  4. day shift nurses vs. night shift nurses

    I currently am contracted to rotate between day & night. I don't like nights much as there are less nurses and can be a nightmare. Then again, there are days when you feel the same way about day shifts. I am properly awful in the mornings but fu...
  5. Why are nurses such back-stabbers?

    I agree with NurseHobbit! Some people's lives are just so empty that they just have to excite it by aggravating someone else's. Unfortunately, this happens where I work now. We have been merged into one ward ( Male & female ) and there is this o...
  6. How do I decide on a specialty?

    Hello. When your instructor say; you just know. Well, I must agree with him/her. I finished my training donkeys years ago and the first 18months was of a wide variety of specialties. I changed my mind so many times in my head what I'd like to special...
  7. You Know You're a Nurse When...

    So So true!!
  8. Nursing survival gifts...

    Has anyone mentioned..... IV chocolates & lots of it, +/- other forms for other routes !? ( I did see chocolate spray )
  9. cute joke

    Awwww..... Sweet! -x-
  10. Add to the story....

    ... then George ( as in Clooney ) came in scrubs to give her a once over to decide what to do with her. Then he discovered.....
  11. Your Favorite one liner used with patients

    :penguin: Good for you! Nurses without a good sense of humour are usually quite scary to me. When I was on my final placement as a student nurse ( donkey's years ago! ), I worked with this fantastic and very comical Nurse and it made such a differenc...
  12. Thank you's - memorable ones you've received?

    chocolates and a general 'thank you' cards to all are always welcome and nice but i have personal faves. i used to work in the private part of a london hospital and i received these personalised 'thank you' letters and cards from patients. i still pr...
  13. What is the major reason nurses leave?

    all of the above reasons. more so now that the nhs is in crisis and very chaotic. no-one seem to care anymore ( it feels very much like this where i work ). has anyone ever notices that nurses are so often used as an emotional/stress/anger punch bag...
  14. fear of vomit?

    Me too! Give me double gloves and a pinny, I'm good. I can handle blood, other juices that the body produces ( LOL I'm rhyming here! Haha ) I can handle 'em all .... except thick greeny plugs of phlegm!! Yuk! See? I can't even spell it!! Is that how...
  15. change of career specialty

    I'm not in a senior position like yourself... coz I'm comfy where I am ( band 6/Senior E-grade ) but I am beginning to loose interest in what I am doing but because of what's happening in the NHS I don't want to go anywhere else till at least after t...