Nursing Assistant VS. Telemetry Tech position

  1. I was wondering if I could get some good feeback from some experienced nurses as to which position would be more valuable for my future. I am a nursing student (RN) and have the opportunity to work as a Nursing Assistant on a heavy med-surg/ortho floor OR as a Telemetry Tech. My ultimate goal as I become an RN, is to be in the ER or a Critical Care Unit. I have one year left as a student and I want to use it wisely. THANK YOU!!
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  3. by   TazziRN
    I say nursing assistant. Tele tech is great and you will learn earlier than your classmates how to read rhythms, but there is no pt contact. As a CNA you would have pt contact every shift.

    Is there any way you could do both part time?
  4. by   bill4745
    Take the assistant position. You will learn the telemetry stuff in your critical care or ER orientation.
  5. by   CarVsTree
    I agree with the above posters. Nursing assistant. You'll be much better prepared for nursing and be a better nurse in my opinion.

    Plue tele tech is Boring Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I would fall asleep!
  6. by   MurseNeutron
    Nursing assistant def. the biggest part of nursing job is your movements and reactions with the patients. the more contact hours the better.

    always remember you have to learn the job before you learn theory. nursing school is basics, but you have a whole other world ahead of you.

    if you're interested in cardiac strips have someone show you the basics with the intervals and basic dysrrythmis and go to town on your own. there are so many books even web sites where you can identify one after the other.

    strips are nothing, but repitition
  7. by   Creamsoda
    I would assume that as a telemetry tech all your going to do is assess rhythms. Your not going to really see what happens as a result of a a certain rhythm popping up, so it may not be much benefit to you. Rhythms are not that difficult to learn, but if you can get more experience working in a floor type environment and get your organizational skills down pat you will be in a better position when you graduate.
  8. by   JoeyDog
    I am not a nurse but I have worked as a CNA and as a unit secretary/tele tech and I agree your time would be better spent as a CNA. You will get TONS more patient experience as a CNA! Good luck.