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  1. by   Iam46yearsold
    Quote from nightshiftnut
    I understand that it is your body to do as you please...but I feel that the tats and piercings do look unprofessional. Might as well wear a black bra and undies under the white scrubs..maybe I'll express my individuality that way...

    While I am heavily tattooed and multiple piercing, trust me I would never wear black bra and panties under white scrubs.
  2. by   CityKat
    I think some tattoos and piercings look nice and are not unprofessional. I have a nose piercing where the stud is tiny; you can barely see it. I like it and I've received many compliments on it; patients, nurses, doctors and managers alike have complimented it. I have a friend who has her whole left arm sleeved in tattoos; well done, beautiful tattoos. She's never had a problem with patients saying anything negative; and actually, her patients compliment her tattoos fairly consistently.

    It's all just a matter of opinion
  3. by   ShannonRN2010
    I have a breast cancer awareness ribbon with dragonfly wings on my left ankle. I got it for my 30th birthday and in honor of my mom who had BC.
  4. by   lvnlrn
    I don't have any, but mostly because I've never found anything I could commit to for the rest of my life!

    I did take care of a patient who was in the Navy during WWII...he had Mickey Mouse tattooed above his left knee and Minnie Mouse above his right knee (the tattoos aged pretty well). I always thought those were cute, but was surprised to see those on such a "tough" guy. (He really was a sweetheart underneath his gruff exterior).
  5. by   Sydangle2
    No can't say I do.
  6. by   HippyGreenPeaceChick
    I have tattoos, started while I was in the service. My mother did not like my military tattoos, but is mother to like everything her daughter does. I have had more since. My nose is pierced but few if any patients ever really notice it. My tongue is pierced, and again few if any notice it while I am at work. Most everything else is mostly covered up. Except when I am on the beach.
  7. by   Prettyladie
    i think tattoos represent our individuality. i have two tattoos and plan on getting more. that doesnt make you less professional than others. i would rather have a tattooed doctor, nurse etc than a untattooed idiot working on me.
  8. by   ashleys0623
    I have my tongue pierced, just about every single person I know is not even aware of the fact that I have it unless I tell them. I also have both of the tops of my feet covered in flowers and my right foot says "La Bella Vita" next to the flowers. I plan on getting more, all can be covered with scrubs.
  9. by   sweetart_1980
    everyone makes a big deal about them being covered with scrubs...i have a tattoo on my left lower inner arm and its never been a big deal...only one patient in my 7 years of nursing has commented negatively on it and she was a retired old skool nurse. whats the big deal?
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  10. by   sweetart_1980
    Quote from ambil
    I hope I'm not being rude when I say I just don't understand why so many people want to be looked at because of their tatoos. In a way it seems to be a mild way of provoking others? Some people think they look neat and others think they look demented. I just don't know why a person wants to be stared at in the first place I guess. In any case a person with lots of tatoos sure is an attention getter:weathersunsmall:.
    yea ok...people get tattoos for various reason....not just to get attention...dont we teach in our hospitals to our nurses to have cultural awareness and tolerance for our patients? why dont we have it for eachother?
  11. by   NrossRN
    i have a chinese symbol on my thigh that says east coast(at least thats what they told me it said) it could say kill a nurse for all i know! but i was young and it was cute and different. maybe i need to get it read by a chinese person one day? but do i really wanna know at this point? i think not. anyway, i have several other ones in descrete locations. what i dont like to see is people with tatoos on their neck. it makes me wanna ask them why.... why the neck?
  12. by   Chewie_123
    I got my rod of asclepius tattoo three weeks ago. It has finally stopped intching! Of course, now I want a second one on the opposite shoulder. I guess that thing about not being able to just get one is true....
  13. by   HippyGreenPeaceChick
    I have a Caduceus on my right shoulder from when I was in and I was corpsman or should I say Corpswoman. I just had it re inked and added an scripted RN to it that really looks good. I am proud of my history.