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i've noticed a trend on this board. nurses on this board dont like being nurses and it is very sad and discouraging. everyday i check out this board to see what people are talking about. there are... Read More

  1. by   bearsnurse
    all nurses has given me comfort it is reassuring to know that i am not alone. nurses care for other people but who cares for our nurses? this web site has helped me a lot with information and the experiences shared here may it be positive or negative has given me insights of this noble profession that we chose to be. i think it boils down to as nurses we are our worst critics but this is good too for we as a profession find ways to develop and improve on our practices.
  2. by   SeanyRN
    Thankyou all my fellow nurses for making me feel better. I have to learn to say "NO!" in a nice way. Everyone on this board is so responsive and helpful. thanx.
  3. by   PANurseRN1
    Quote from angelcharm

    right.. but if u have a patient left behind. u have to consider
    responsiblity and compassion before u say anything..

    my first post..hehe.. and my first time to be here.
    sorry im just learning this stuff..
    i havent found anything depressing here yet.
    and if you run yourself into the ground constantly "giving," you won't be able to take care of many more patients.

    this "martyr mary" attitude drives me nuts. it does all of us a disservice, because those few nurses who give, give, give all the time with no thought to themselves are held up by mgmt. as examples to those of us who dare to say "no" on occasion.