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dear allnurses, the time is 3:44am and i am supposed to take my final in about 6 hrs. i don't feel confident about my status as my quiz scores are less than desirable and this... Read More

  1. by   stidget99
    First of all....................CONGRATULATIONS!!! :hatparty: I am very happy for you. Hugs to you!

    Now, for your other problem................maybe talk to an advisor? counselor? Every institution has their own nuances/policies/etc. You've come this far. Don't let anything or anyone stop you now!
  2. by   UM Review RN
    :hatparty: congratulations!! i knew you could do it!!

    we sorely need persistant nurses nowadays with all the on-the-job challenges we face.

    i haven't a clue as to how you should proceed with your next challenge, but if you need encouragement as you go on this journey, we're happy to help!
  3. by   RescueNinja2013
    Hello everone! I'm a CNA, but have not worked in over 2 years, however I'm going to apply at Norridge Nursing in Norridge/Chicago, IL., because they offer free CNA training for 8 weeks and hire the trainees (from what I was told). Has anyone worked there? If so --details PLEASE! Also, I would like to apply for a patient care tech position at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital in Elmhurst, IL., has anyone worked there as a PCT? PLEASE fill me in with any and all details! Or even if you know of a great hospital or center to work at as a PCT, I'd like to know. THANK YOU MUCH!
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIME TO PARTAY and congratulate yourself! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!