Nurses Week--What did you get? - page 6

Hi everyone! Just curious to see what you received for nurses week and from whom? From management we got a name tag halyard with company name imprinted, a heart that has imprinted logo that has a... Read More

  1. by   hsmom24boys
    We got a insulated lunch bag for the hospital. My boss bought 1 box of muffins and a box of gourmet cookies for all three shifts ( which were very good). They had "make your own yougurt sundaes" in the cafateria ....but the yougurt machine was broken.....
    Beats the year we got drug rep freebees in a white paper bag......
  2. by   Heather27
    What did I get for Nurse's Week? Same thing as every week...I got screwed.. HAHA..kidding...lemme see..I got a votive candle and holder...I think it was from the dollar store...AND, it was from a "draw" not all the nurses got stuff... What's up with that??
  3. by   nurs4kids
    We each got a $100 bonus and dinner at a 5 star resturaunt with the CEO's (who were more than willing to listen to our concerns). Nursing management worked our shift for us while we enjoyed this outing. Night shift got a $200 bonus and breakfast was served to them @home in bed. LOL..okay, i'm joking.

    A insulated lunch bag with the hospital logo, a cookie from the Chocolate Chip Cookie Company every day of the week for each shift (was damn tired of these cookies by the end of week), barbeque from a local resturaunt (night shift was forgotten, again), and a handbag with the hospital logo ..and a call from infection control telling us our precious patient who has been roaming the floor, in the playroom, in the pantry, in the cafeteria, etc. has MRSA
  4. by   dazedandconfused
    If you there during the week- one cookie form a wonderful box of biscuits sent on the weekend, lunch one day from subway, and a small water bottle. Big hairy deal. My neice's teacher got something everyday for that week. The school nurse did not receive anything.
  5. by   RN relief needed
    we got a few pieces of left over easter candy