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Hi everyone! Just curious to see what you received for nurses week and from whom? From management we got a name tag halyard with company name imprinted, a heart that has imprinted logo that has a... Read More

  1. by   willie2001
    We all received a new pair of bandage scissors. We got a fruit basket from the docs and we had a sundae bar.
  2. by   Huganurse
    We were served special fancy cakes today from mgt. Then our therepy department brought us bags full of goodies and made sure there was one for each shift. Oh, and a huge tray of cookies, there were also brownies but not sure where they came from. I was off yesterday and heard they've been doing things everyday and including everyone!The docs have also brought in gifts and goodies for the nursing staff. We are also celebrating Hospital Week. This has been a far cry from the years I got nothing or very little like many of you posting here.
  3. by   Doey
    We got sundaes, if you were working (this was on wednesday),all nurses,CNAs,and secretaries received tote bags with the hospital logo on it, but the nurses all had an IV booklet in their bags with mostly critical care drug info and drip rates etc. There also was a basket of tootsie pops and other hard candy that I assume came from administration.
  4. by   ComicRN
    Greetings! I wanted to share with everyone what I got for nurses week. I got my administration to listen to me!! I was recently made the Acting Nurse Manager on a troubled rehab unit in my facility (LTC). I've worked on other rehab units for 7 years and immediately realized that this unit was going The staffing was terrible and everyone was still in the long term care mentality. So, I've been doing research, benchmarking, you name it. Last week I presented my findings to the "Executive Team" and I found out on Thuesday that they had approved another full time nurse on days and another full time nurse for evenings. Now we will be able to do things like patient teaching and proper discharge planning (what a concept!) This was the best thing I could have gotten for nurses week!!
  5. by   huladoula1 since my unit is in charge of "Nurse's Week" celebrations for next year - I'd like to pool this valuable resource to get your ideas. What activities would you like to see happen during Nurse's Week?
  6. by   nurse T
    I work for home health and hospice. Our director had us write down how we made a diff. in one or two of our pt's lives. One of my patients agreed to an interview with a local paper and our story made front page. It was neat. Plus I got scissors, lotion, a subscript. to RN mag, a bookmark, and ice cream. It was really nice.
  7. by   Jo_deye_yuh
    First off- HELLO ALL and Happy Nurse's Week!

    I was on vacation during 'Nurse's Week', but when I returned to work, I found that my name was drawn to receive a COFFEE MUG, also my DON gave each nurse a pretty pen with an angel on the clip. Also, I received a beautiful card from my mother-in-law!

    Health and Blessings~ Jodie
  8. by   john william
    got a nice little pin!
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    Kudos to you for recognizing a problem and taking action and that the executive team listened!!! Those patients are lucky to have you as their nurse. Hope you can find the staff now and that all will work together.
    Enthusiasm is contagious. Best wishes for you in your new position.
    Listening + action=reward
  10. by   Smitty,RN
    During Hospital Week there were activities every day of the week- icecream served by administration, 50's day- we could even wear jeans!, BBQ, our gift was a huge canvas bag.
    Nurses Week we have an annual celebration at the local Holiday Inn- with a live band, good food and nice door prizes (tickets for theme parks, massages, wine baskets. The next day everyone wore their nursing caps- (the ones that actually got nursing caps) I was off- and this is the first year we did that, I thought it would be corny, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. Our administratin also entered all of the nurses names in a drawing the American Heart Association had and they had some nice prizes. I didnt win anything, though!
  11. by   dtweed
    After reading what nurses received for nurses week, it made me sad. I am now in administration as a ADON in LTC. the DON, Inservice Director, and myself put on a luncheon for the nurses. Only 6 out of 16 came. We also gave them a plant in a small pot. Everyone said thank you. But I am also a nurse and did not receive anything. Not even a Happy Nurses Week. What we did came out of our pockets. Most LTC facilities are barely managing it finically, so there is nothing to spare. We try to give to make it better for the nurses i work with but it needs to a two way steet. Did any of you do anything for nursing supervisors during nurses week? I would like feedback on this side of the issue.
  12. by   NurseNelly
    Nursing week was great. We all got $100.00 bonus. We all got foot massages and gift certificates to body massages. Plus they hired agency nurses so we could view some great video nursing videos on how to handle family and patients when we work short staffed ( which is often) plus what to do legally when we feel we might be sued by unhappy family members or by our own company.
    It was a great week. Thanks.
  13. by   Magicat
    This year was quite dismal.
    We are having Joint Commission next week, so I think they nearly forgot.
    We got neat umbrellas with the logo on them.
    And had a motivational speaker come, (again, every yr since I've been here 4) and talked on the topic "Make your words sweet and tender, cause you never know when you'll have to eat them!" Last year it was "No Mean Spirit"
    Day shift got a wonderful homemade Mexican meal from our Orthopod's wife, but we didn't. We usually get all the ortho post ops after 3pm. Oh well. The Ladie's Auxillary made cookies and gave each unit a plate, but not each shift.
    Oh enough, I think next yr will be better. Last yr was foot and neck massages, aroma therapy candles, loufas, and for the guys soap on a rope...all relaxing stuff.

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