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  1. Thanks to all that have offered your opinions and experience! I think I will try the "change shoe", padded socks and I also will try on some New Balance shoes to see how they feel. I will be ordering some Dansko clogs and will see how that goes ...
  2. Huganurse~ Great advice! Thank you for your input!
  3. Jo_deye_yuh

    Working at the VA hospital with Professionals!

    Brownie~ Two thumbs up! Your original post was received by me with your initial intent. Others like to look for "digs". Insecurities perhaps, or just the inability to accept the positive. You know, you just blew the whole purpose of this post wi...
  4. I have gone through so many darn white, uncomfortable nursing shoes I could scream! I am enquiring upon my fellow comrades to offer advise and opinions regarding which shoes (brand, style, etc.)are the best buy. Which are more comfortable, longer l...
  5. Jo_deye_yuh

    Nurses Week--What did you get?

    First off- HELLO ALL and Happy Nurse's Week! I was on vacation during 'Nurse's Week', but when I returned to work, I found that my name was drawn to receive a COFFEE MUG, also my DON gave each nurse a pretty pen with an angel on the clip. Also, I rec...
  6. Jo_deye_yuh

    LPN's starting/infusing IV's.

    Very well put BethB! I totally agree with you. The skills and knowledge gained are only a benefit! The good news...I started my FIRST IV tonight! Ahhh, call me "all thumbs"! I know it takes practice, practice, practice. I have had some great pr...
  7. Jo_deye_yuh

    LPN's starting/infusing IV's.

    Mysti~ I agree with you! But that is the field we are in! A field of oxymorons...a field of healing/caring mixed with 'better-than-thou-isms' and injustice. I relish the opportunities that are coming my way, and know they will only benefit me,(a...
  8. Jo_deye_yuh

    LPN's starting/infusing IV's.

    ucavalpn~ Thank you for your response! If you have any other ideas or information you can share, I would greatly appreciate it.
  9. Jo_deye_yuh

    LPN's starting/infusing IV's.

    Comments, ideas?
  10. Jo_deye_yuh

    LPN's starting/infusing IV's.

    Hello, been a while since I last posted on this BB. Hope this finds you all in good health and doing well. This is in regards to new standards of LPN functions in South Dakota. "In July 2000, the Administrative Rules of South Dakota were changed ...
  11. Jo_deye_yuh

    I Turned 5 Shades of RED!!

    Joke: Did you hear about the dead, naked nurse that washed up on shore today? How did they know she was a nurse?... -her stomach was empty, her bladder was full, and her ass was chewed out!
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    Thank you John, definately words for the wise. The key word I think you emphasized was...STANDARDS. Where I work, in a VA hospital (Veterans Health Administration), the government does not recognize the LPN role. We are hired as 'nurses' but basi...
  14. Jo_deye_yuh

    would love to talk with anyone who is in LPN school, I need a buddy

    P.S. I forgot to mention that I am a LPN, graduated and passed boards in 1998. I was an Orthopedic Clinical/Surgical Nurse for 2 years. I was the office nurse for an Orthopedic surgeon, and scrubbed/assisted in surgeries. By working in the clinic ...
  15. Jo_deye_yuh

    would love to talk with anyone who is in LPN school, I need a buddy

    First of all--congratulations! Good for you for going to school to further your personal education, and for getting into the LPN program! Yes, it is very demanding and stressful. But know that you CAN get through it, "this too shall pass". Take e...
  16. Jo_deye_yuh

    Need to hear from happy LPN's.

    Are you content in your role? Do you think the LPN role is fading? Should all LPN's go on to get their ADN or BSN? or is it acceptable for someone to be satisfied being a LPN for their career choice?