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  1. by   Racer15
    My ex boyfriend in the room, wanting to do a post-Mortem on our relationship 😯
  2. by   OrganizedChaos
    ... my patient eating tide pods.
    ... my patient snorting condoms.
    ... my patient doing a live cam show.
  3. by   OBRNmom3boys
    The dad naked in the tub with the Laboring Mom.
  4. by   saraleigh
    ... Something outside of my scope.
  5. by   All3girls
    That I'm too late...
  6. by   Kawan1003
    Slip, trip and fall on top of the fresh post op hip replacement!!!
  7. by   Clairxd2018
    That the patient has masturbated and then urinated and needs to be cleaned up......again.
  8. by   Thought
    ...a disgruntled patient or family member pointing a gun at me.
  9. by   skervin
    ...That I'm not just dreaming because I work in the Operating Room where the patient doesn't have a call light! Yay for anesthesia!
  10. by   DowntheRiver
    .... the patient's spouse (female) giving herself a bed bath at the bedside naked from the waist up, waiting for me to bring more wipes. True story.
  11. by   bagladyrn
    Joint Commission at the bedside. (Ominous horror movie music playing in the background)
  12. by   bugya90
    My demented patient waving his still inflated foley at me screaming "what is this?!" (True story)
  13. by   saskrn