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Thought is a RN and specializes in OR RN.

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  1. Thought

    3 Simple Ways To Squash Compassion Fatigue

    So, if hundreds of thousands of people jumped off a bridge, would you jump off a bridge, too?
  2. Thought

    How Do You Fit In 30mins Of Exercise In Your Work Day?

    When I worked 10's and 12's, I got up a little over an hour early. It would give me time to take a shower afterwards, fill my lunch box, and head out the door. At first, it was difficult. After a couple of weeks, it became a habit and stuck!
  3. Thought

    Women's Right to Choose

    FullGlass, I feel a couple should communicate his and her wants (marriage, kids, etc) with each other early on. If the two of them are not on the same page, it wouldn't be fair to stay and attempt to change the other's mind. Why waste each other's time? Those individuals can find someone who shares the same wants, elsewhere. Men can very easily leave when a woman gets pregnant; a woman cannot. Forcing her to remain pregnant will cause nothing but issues. What if the husband in question is abusive towards his wife and commits spousal rape knowing she's trying to get away? A forced pregnancy would be one of his many ways to keep her under control. Now, I'm not saying this happens in ALL marriages. There's a plethora of healthy, loving marriages. However, there's also abusive marriages and relationships aplenty. If the woman's life is threatened by continuing the pregnancy, should the husband be allowed to choose to forcibly keep her pregnant? Just another thing to think about. Edited to add: Men might be mandated to pay child support, but that doesn't necessarily happen in all situations. My best friend, for example, is a single mother of autistic twins. Her abusive ex refuses to pay child support saying he "doesn't make mistakes" in reference to the kids having autism.
  4. Thought

    Favorite Motivational Quote Nurses Week Contest

    "It's ok to cry." ~This was said in response to a patient not making it.
  5. Thought

    Patients Say the Darnedest Things Nurses Week Contest

    Back when I worked as a CNA at a LTC/rehab center, I was talking to an alert resident. He always joked with the staff. As he and I talked, two elderly female residents (one confused) walked by and we asked how they were doing. Confused resident: "I'm going out with my Mother for lunch. Doesn't my Mother look great?" Alert resident: "Yeah...for 160."
  6. Thought

    Doctors Say the Darnedest Things Nurses Week Contest

    Surgeon was placing an elderly woman's leg in a Hana traction boot before surgery and noticed the periwick catheter. Surgeon: "What the hell is that? I've never had a patient so bold as to bring their vibrator with them to surgery." Me: "This is our external female catheter that uses a wall suction. I heard it is quite...stimulating."
  7. Thought

    You Misspelled "Domestic Violence"

    Ruby, Thank you very much for writing and shedding light on domestic violence. DV isn't something that's talked about as much as it should. You never know when you'll find yourself, a loved one, or a patient in that situation. Victims have a hard time seeking help. All too often, their situation is minimized, and their feelings ignored. It's also incredibly difficult for victims of domestic violence to leave. I recently got out of a relationship that required surgery. I never thought it would happen to me. If there's someone out there reading and going through this...get out. You deserve so much more.
  8. Thought

    falling asleep during nightshift

    I worked night shift for 1+ years in the OR. Just like working on a floor or nursing home, the OR, ED, etc, all have slow and crazy times. If the OR was crazy, the time flew and my shift was over before I knew it. My patient laying on the table was more important than getting some shut-eye. My patients' are putting their life and trust in my hands. It's a HUGE responsibility and not something to take lightly. When I had slow nights, I stayed active on my feet and did everything (in addition to my regular duties) from cleaning, organizing, stocking, and even exercising. I brought my tablet with workouts I could stream. I drank more water (more water= more bathroom breaks) when I saw my coworkers scarfing down sugar-laced foods and coffee to stay awake. My rooms were checked and double checked to make sure my day-time coworkers had everything needed for that case. I got any certifications/continuing hour educations worked on when the opportunity rose. Was it easy? No. I was lucky if I even got 4 hours of sleep before my shift showed up. Come morning, I was dragging, but I never fell asleep. The facilities I've worked at (like most others) have a no-tolerance policy for sleeping on the job. By doing so, you put your patients' safety at a huge risk. If there's an emergency, your co-workers will not have the time to find you and joustle you awake. If one of your patients' fell and broke a bone or got a subdural hemorrhage that requires an emergency craniotomy, how would you explain not answering the bed alarm? "Oh, I was asleep and didn't hear it go off?" Another example...your patient has an emergent GI bleed that requires stat treatment, but declined due to not being treated quickly enough. Falling asleep will not hold up in a court of law. Night shift has less resources due to decreased staffing. It is imperative to be awake should an emergency rise. OP, you may need to take a look at your schedule to see how to organize things to get some sleep. Plenty of people I know also take sleep aids (prescribed or OTC like melatonin). It is worth a try. Good luck.
  9. Thought

    This person outranks me?!

    As the saying goes, "the only stupid question is a question that isn't asked." It takes humility to go to another to ask a question. I'd much rather have a person ask me a million questions where I can answer those and point them in the right path compared to refusing to ask a question that could result in harm because of "injuring" their pride. Like other commenters have said, he might not have knowledge on some things (i.e. IVF). Medical terminology can have different meanings to different people. Who knows, it could have been an off day for him. Everyone has those. Your coworker sees you as someone he can go to to ask a question without fear of judgment or retaliation. Please don't prove him wrong.
  10. Thought

    No babies for this NICU nurse

    One day back when I was waitressing, I had a customer asking me the same. Her: "Do you have any kids?" Me: "No, not yet." Her: "Why not?" Me: "I wanted to finish my schooling, pay off my student loans, and have a stable job in my field where I'm financially stable before having children." Her: "What's wrong with you? You'll never be financially stable. Time's a wasting, start cracking down and pop out some kids!!"
  11. Thought

    Laredo Medical Center

    Thank you all very much again for providing me insight about the area. In addition to a few things that was said during my talks with the facility (not salary or the like), your insight helped me with making my decision to continue with my search. Thank you for your help, and have a beautiful rest of your week!
  12. Thought

    Win $100! June 2015 Caption Contest

    Let's flip a coin for the code brown.
  13. Thought

    Reasons patients turn on their call light

    1. Pt calls (and also walks out of the room to find us) to say we need to look at his stool...20 times. It was regular. 2. Pt's husband leaves, so pt is constantly ringing the call bell as soon as she sees him at the elevator to hold her hand, or sit and chat with her, to keep her company because she's lonely (this was when I was a CNA taking care of 15pts a night)... Even after teaching her the importance and use of her call bell, she continues to do it until she falls asleep. 3. One pt would ring all the time, yelling, "I need my Percocet!" It didn't matter if she just took it five minutes ago, or if she isn't in the timeframe she can take it again (prn). Afterwards, she'd set her cell phone alarm for the next dose, and ring. 4. "I want a Coke." 5. "I wanted to see how long it'd take for you to get here." 6. Right before going on break as a CNA, I informed everyone on the floor (after asking) that I'll be on lunch break. Came back to find the RN demanding to know where I've been because my pt rang his bell after he fell on the floor (it fell with him, apparently). His back had skin tears, and after the RN asked what happened, he said that he wanted to sleep on the floor because it looked comfy. 7. Immediately after dinner, the hall becomes a Christmas tree of lights, all saying, "I'm ready to go to bed."
  14. Thought

    The Patient's "Guests"

    1. (When I worked at a nursing home as a CNA) The family who puts their loved one in a nursing home but harps on the staff to make sure their loved one is taken care of to their standards, the dentures are always in a particular place, the sheets are perfect, the room is always immaculate, and won't hesitate to make your life hell and report you. Watches every thing you do with daggers in their eyes, looking for the slightest "wrong." It's always fun delivering care to your loved one, when she hits, kicks, and tries to bite our fingers off. We give her the best care we possibly can, but remember we also have 14 other patients to take care of. We don't have the time to deliver 1:1 care to your loved one. 2. The family member who claims to be in the medical field and yells at you in the doorway of her loved one's ER room because of her needing to go to the ICU because her labs aren't good and her vitals aren't the best. 3. Pt is in isolation with C-diff. Whole herd of family comes in, refuses to wear isolation gear even after teaching the importance of it. 4. Unresponsive elderly pt arrives in ER with advance directives not to do anything. One brother is POA, the other isn't, and are yelling and arguing about the advance directives. The POA is on board with his father's wishes, the other one (who's been estranged), of course, isn't. Demands you follow their instructions and not the other brother's.
  15. Thought

    First Choice Nurse; Second ???

    If money wasn't an option, I'd want to do so many different things: Spelunkologist (cave researcher)- I'd love to go into public restricted caves, such as Lechuguilla (The Giant Crystal Project : Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico) Marine Biologist Open my own bakery Author- I love to write poems, short stories, children stories, and want to write novels. I'd love to go to school and learn as many foreign languages as I can Travel around the world and volunteer Learn to be a chef from Gordon Ramsey Work with injured marine wildlife to help them prior to being released back into the ocean Own a horse stable/rescue that both provides regular horseback riding training, and also helps special needs children/teenagers Astronaut Cardiothoracic/Neurosurgeon Forensic examiner Oh, the ideas...
  16. Thought

    Laredo Medical Center

    Hello, Anna! Thank you very much for your insight and providing statistics! I took a look at the crime stats, and it's much higher than the US average. From your statistic regarding the median income both for the household and family is a little more than $20,000 less than the national average, and the national average poverty level in 2009-2013 averaged 15.4%. I've heard before that low poverty level is associated with a higher crime rate. Would you agree? US Census Bureau stats: USA QuickFacts from the US Census Bureau Household income: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Household_income_in_the_United_States

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