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So, with nurses week coming up, I was fondly remembering all the neat swag my employer has offered me as a token of their appreciation. Over the last four years as a nurse I have received - A... Read More

  1. by   PhantomRN
    No, I would not rather them put the money away and give us raises........because It has been pointed out just how much they typically spend per person on nurses day.

    What did she say? $6.00 per person......divide that sum by the amount of hours you work per yr (I used 36 hours a week) and you come up with $0.003 per hour. So that is ALMOST ONE CENT for every THREE HOURS of work.

    I will take the freebies.

    Just an aside about the vendor fair......It is just that a VENDOR FAIR. They are happy to come and give freebies, because they hope it will generate them business down the road.

    Now look at the plan for the week:
    On Monday, we had makeovers and Avon and other samples.

    Tuesday is vendor day for shopping.

    Wednesday....employees making the presentations.

    Thursday is the ice cream party.

    Friday is 'Professional Day', with continuous 45 minute to one hour CEU presentations, free financial advisors, and Employee Assistance advisors to remind is about our 'back to school' program.

    The only day they spent hard money was Thursday. The rest of the money spent in the above day is spent in employee time. But you bet your butt I would enjoy it.
  2. by   Cindy-OB RN/CCE
    WOW! This is my first year at this hospital and we got LL bean travel bags. They are very nice. This is something I would actually have bought for myself. They don't have the hospital logo or anything on them.
  3. by   nightingale
    I did not get an acknowledgment from any of the three agencies I currently work for. No card... narda!

    The nurses at the facility I worked at got a cute star shaped american flag designed sqeeze thing. I think it is one of those OT things for hands strength and stress reliever... lol

    The hospital is having a barbecue for the hospital on Friday for the entire staff for health care worker week(?)

  4. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    The hospital where I work refuses to 'single' nurses out- we have to have "Happy Hospital Week" instead. I understand everyone's job at the hospital is important but still I was hoping for.....something!!! A thank you would have been nice. Shoot, I would have like a chezzy mug.
  5. by   l.rae
    well, jennyp, where do i begin? This is not a us vs them issue. Recall, I complimented our MN and place the blame on upper mngnt. NM is a leadership role and requires some class and wisdom. If klare wants her staff to stop whining she might try being a role model and stop whining herself. leadership is less about being right and more about doing right. All the initials in the world behind your name doesn't make one a leader. There is a lot of integrity and wisdom involved in the evolvment of a leader . Condescending to your staff will never bring success. That's just common sense. I still maintain, I wouldn't work for klare.
  6. by   joannep
    OK, it's time to tell you what happens in Australia. Generally we are relaxed, happy-go-lucky with a dry, humorous nature.
    Now, I suppose lots of you have worked with Australian's who were from Hell. Well we all have those people.
    I work in a dialysis unit. For nurses week we have decorated the unit with streamers and coloured balloons. We have all donated a small item and have made up a "basket" which we are going to raffle. Over the years doing raffles we have raised enough money to buy a video machine and have it hooked up to patient tv's. We will be running video's of nurse movies. Such as "The English Patient", some of the "Carry on" Movies, and other movies with a nurse theme. We have all chipped in a small amount of money and are having a lunch catered for by. We are wearing tiara's because we will never wear caps again, and our badges (including our girl guide badges if we have them). We have a board with photo's of us in our training days. Looking younger, thinner and with different coloured hair. The patients have a competition to guess who is who. With a couple of prizes for the patients who guess well. Many of our patients bring us in plates of home made slices or cakes. We get lots of boxes of chocolates, and quite a few bunches of flowers.
    I guess we are thinking of it as a fun time, a time to let our hair down and do a few mad things.
  7. by   Q.
    My facility (on Tuesday, well after I emailed our IS department asking for A LITTLE recongition on our intranet) handed out a long stem beautiful rose to each nurse and provided bagels and juice. This was very nice, until we learned that they gave these same things to the Medical Assistants.

    Kinda took the significance of "Nurse's Day" away.....
  8. by   mattsmom81
    Joannep, I think you folks have the right the tiaras!

    We have so much fun with our monthly birthday celebrations on our night shift...we have our own appreciation parties! We do potlucks, have cultural night where we bring in ethnic foods, omelet night and do secret pals. We planed a trip to Mexico for a group from our shift who wanted to go, we go out after work and have house parties.

    We gave up a long time ago waiting for administration to perk us we perk ourselves up! Silly maybe but fun.
  9. by   ohlpn
    Last year the nurses got a catered luncheon from the Olive Garden. Sounds great, huh? Yeah, if you work 1st shift! I worked 3rd shift and we got two large containers of salad (it had been unrefrigerated since noon) & breadsticks. The DON had worked 2nd shift, so she left when we came on & a couple of us noticed she walked out with several containers of leftover pasta's, seafood & soup. I guess position has its perks!

  10. by   CEN35
    just a thought?

    shouldn't this thread be under practical jokes? :chuckle

  11. by   RNforLongTime
    Well, I was right. We got nothing! Not even a thing from our District Nurses Assoc. Oh, the hospital is having a "tea" on Friday at noon--benefits the day shift people as usual. And the tea is being sponsored by Life Flight out of Cleveland. I am sorry but I just think that the whole thing is despicable!
  12. by   CEN35

    kelly please tell me you are not really daffy duck in disguise?

  13. by   nurs4kids
    My hospital ran a full page 'ad' in Sunday's paper recognizing 'Nurse Appreciation Week' and thanking all it's nurses by listing each of our names. We also got a nice big bag filled with goodies (real nice calculator, nice drinking cup, pens, penlight)..of course all the "goodies' were logo'd, but still very nice (they actually sell these same items in a catalogue and they are pretty pricey). They served each shift pizza, had an "appreciation dinner/breakfast" on another day, have offered us "mini-topics" all week to help satisfy CEU requirements, had a "nurse of the year" for each unit & then a reception party for all those got nice prizes...
    they've been great! They didn't include the MA's, but of course we did cuz we luv 'em!