Nurses/Office Staff who Smoke in the Office, it's Killing Me!

  1. I know there is a thread on this subject going on now but since it has been mentioned I wanted to bring up a different issue with smokers.
    I work out of a HH office where every employee from the Admin/DON to the receptionist smokes. I'm the only one who is not a smoker. No, that doesn't make me "better" but as someone who can't take cigarette smoke it makes working in the office agony. I know smoking is most always prohibited inside the workplace but since I'm not the boss I have no say so, and I don't want to deny anyone their pleasures, but I don't think I can take much more. My husband laughs at me (he is a nonsmoker and I've theatened to bring cigarettes into the house and light them up and see how he likes it) but all he cares about is I'm bringing home the money.

    It was tolerable when I only had to come in the office a couple of times a week, but now they want you in the office most everyday. So, I feel like I need to put in my resignation but my husband starts nagging about finding another job (to support his spoiled sorry butt) and then tells me I will find out what real work is like when I leave my current job for another one.

    I just wonder if any nonsmokers out there have had an issue like this?
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  3. by   JenNJFLCA
    I'm they smoke inside the building or jusgt reak of smoke when they come inside? I thought it was illegal in every state to smoke inside an office building. If not, it should be! If other people choose to pollute their lungs, that's up to them, but don't kill mine. I watched my grandpa die of lung cancer, did not even know 2 of my grandparents because they died of cancer r/t smoking, and now my grandmother has been dx w/ emphysema due to second hand smoke. I was soooo happy when FL passed the no smoking in restaurants bill. If the smoke is bothering you, I'd quit. Why put yourself at risk?
  4. by   jojotoo
    Let me get this straight - they're smoking inside the building? This has got to stop. It's not just a matter of being annoying to you, it's illegal. What's next in your office? Lighting up a joint? A few drinks at lunch, then driving to a client's home? Medicare fraud? You may think these comparisons are absurd, but people who have such open lack of respect of the law (and a coworker) are probably going to be lax about a lot of "little" things.

    By the way - I'm a smoker.
  5. by   truern
    It doesn't even matter whether or not they go outside.....get enough smokers together in a workplace and the combined lingering odor is enough to make me not work there

    Kind of hard to be productive when your head hurts, you're completely congested, etc etc etc

  6. by   BSNtobe2009
    OMG, the last job I had, this one girl practically chain-smoked, so she was always outside, and even the FILES that she handed me reeked of cigarette smoke and I couldn't even stand to stand beside her or have her in my office with the door shut when she had just been out.

    I know it's hard when you are not the boss. About half of my staff at my last job smoked, and it got so bad, that I had to send everyone an e-mail that smoking wasn't a group activity, and that the law said I had to give 2, 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch, and if they took an hour lunch, I didn't have to give the breaks at all. I told everyone if they couldn't survive on 3 cigarettes per day in an 8 hour shift, to get a patch or find another job.

    It just got to be so ridiculous in our office that everytime I turned around, half our staff was outside.
  7. by   Pepper The Cat
    If you can't get them to stop smoking, get an air purifier to keep on your desk and run it while you are there. If anyone objects, tell them that when the smoking in the office stops, so will the air purifier! I can give you the name of one I use at home - no filters, very quiet and works great! I use is because the woman in the condo across from me smokes and in the winter when windows are closed the smell drifts over. Once I started using the purifier, the smell went away.
    Either that, or spray air freshned like crazy every time someone lights up!
    Or buy a great big water gun!
  8. by   ann945n
    You have the right to work in a place where you wont get lung cancer later in life. your health is too important to put up with that, get a new job asap its not worth it to fight it with smokers, they have already decided to take the cancer risk.
  9. by   Pupnshnooter
    I work in a HH office and I can tell you that

    1) it's illegal to smoke inside an office
    2) it is disrespectful to smoke even near the entry way of the building
    3) I am convinced that I got asthma later inlife from 2ndhand smoke
    4) it's illegal (did I say that already??)

    I would go straight to the HR director, regardless if they smoke and tell them that you are unable to come into the office as expected while individuals continue to smoke in your presence. If they don't like it - then you can easily find another company that is respectful to the law and to your own health.

  10. by   RunnerRN
    Is there anyone "in charge" over your boss there? Maybe a quick phone call is in order?
  11. by   Halinja
    If everyone but you smokes, then you aren't likely to get them to change their behavior and if somehow they got reported and had to stop, they're going to resent it like crazy. I'd say this isn't a good place for you to be. I HATE the smell of smoke, and the way it permeates everything. (I have a sister who chainsmokes in her house, and she brings cookies to family gatherings that we discreetly toss because the cookies TASTE like cigarettes)

    The other thing that bothers me about your post is
    So, I feel like I need to put in my resignation but my husband starts nagging about finding another job (to support his spoiled sorry butt) and then tells me I will find out what real work is like when I leave my current job for another one.
    I've lived through two abusive relationships, am in a supportive one now. The "you'll find out what real work is like" is an abusive statement, sorry, but it is. It implies that you aren't working now, I'd guess that's horsepucky. Anyone who has a nursing license knows how to work, you can't get through nursing school by being a slacker.

    It is YOUR life that is on the line when you are inhaling smoke, not his. It is YOUR life that you are arranging when you work, and if you want to sell biscuit dough or raise dogs, or simply change to a different position, that's your decision. If you don't like the job, then please, leave!

    I'm sorry, I know I'm ranting but I've heard that line before, and not just once...and once upon a time I thought I deserved it. I didn't. I doubt you do either, because that isn't a fair comment...and would never ever be appropriate. It really pushes my buttons to see/hear it.

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