nurses in sales

  1. Am I the only nurse here in sales or is anyone in the business of selling goods/services?

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  3. by   teeituptom
    Oh I wish for something that cushy, No I dont really
  4. by   renerian
    LOL it is not cushy. Yes I have weekends off most of the time, no holidays or on call but I work hard. About 50 to 60 hours per week and sales is very hard. Have to be a good smoozer, know the regs for all sources, stay abreast of reimbursement and coding issues, be aware of what medicare and medicaid will cover, and drive alot. My service area is Columbus to Cincinnati to W. Virginia to Indiana. I drive far.

    I love it though.

  5. by   RN2007
    What do you sell? And are you a licensed RN who decided you did not want to do the regular RN duties? Why did you go the route of sales?
  6. by   wv_nurse 2003
    Wow--need help covering any of that area? I've thought about sales, but really only interested in part time work--would love to learn more about it though.
    Glad you have a job you love!
  7. by   cpgrn
    When I worked in surgery all our sales reps were extremely nice. They brought us lunch and candy. The more of their products that we bought the more they brought us. My daughter works at a doctors office and sometimes they get lunch delivered 5 times a week. I used to sell advertising before I was an RN and I know what you mean about smoozing the clients-a lot of being nice! I also had a lot of travel but, also, a lot of fun. Hope you love what you do. What product do you sell?
  8. by   oramar
    I know several people that went into sales. Believe me they never came back.
  9. by   funnygirl_rn
    Eventually heading towards sales. Prior to nursing was in miss it & the travel as well. Just keep "hoping" the current nursing conditions will change before my tendonitis (due to lifting) gets the best of me. Never had tendonitis prior...only with nursing. Do enjoy the patient care, and the interaction....but...anymore...the politics & management leaves little to be desired.