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  1. by   whipping girl in 07
    I try to eat healthy as much as I can, although I do balance it with foods I enjoy that aren't so healthy as well.

    I try to get some exercise every day, although sometimes it's difficult.
  2. by   Kayzee
    I'm another one of ( none of the above). But I do get alot of exercise running my _ _ _ off at work! Oh, and I do have my daily chocolate. Good for the heart you know.
  3. by   sphinx
    hmmmm, well I had to check none of the above, because I didn't fit neatly into any of the choices... but.......I have improved in some ways, others not. I am still pretty sedentary. I need to exercise. I enjoy walking. I know when the snow goes away, I will walk. But I don't enjoy aerobics, so video tapes are out, and I have paid money for gyms, but the times always seem to be inconvenient, and I end up paying out a contract and never going.....
    But my eating habits are greatly improved. No, not a vegetarian, but I don't think that's necessary to be healthy. I am also not convinced organic is the only healthy route either. I was on weight watchers 2 years ago, and that improved a lot of my habits. I did slip into some old habits, but didn't gain back weight, which made me "comfortable", and I continued with the bad eating patterns. This was made worse as when I was in the field doing home health, I rarely had a decent meal, and often ended up with fast food on the run, despite planning ahead. Now I am doing so much better. I am eating much healthier foods in much more "normal" sized portions. I drink mostly water rather than pop. All in all, I think I'm doing pretty well. Physically I feel pretty good, and while I know I need to get moving, I feel I am on the right track. I never smoked, rarely drink (ie a glass of wine on holidays with my family), I guess that's all!
  4. by   kitty=^..^=cat
    I eat organic foods when they're available, because I don't like to have to worry about pesticides, herbicides and all of the other chemicals that are used in food production these days. Often organics taste significantly better, and I feel good about supporting sustainable agriculture.

    I also exercise regularly -- 150 - 180 minutes/week, but I do different activities to keep from getting bored.

    Healthy eating and exercise have really made a difference in my life -- three years ago I was eighty pounds heavier, had high cholestrol and borderline adult onset diabetes.
  5. by   LilgirlRN
    I can't imagine being a vegetarian. I coudl probably be cured of this if I had to kill my own meat. I've eaten fish that I've caught but nothing else. I'm fat and sassy and I really don't like it but at this point am not willing to give up my soda habits or my computer devotion, meaning that I sit here a lot on my big behind. I love red meat, when I eat steak or prime rib I want it practically mooing, medium rare......YUM!!!
  6. by   sbic56
    The older I get the healthier my habits become. Three cheers for old age.
  7. by   obeyacts2
    Here's a question for ya: How come so little attention is paid to nutrition in nursing programs? Our ADN_RN program does NOT require any nutrition course for entrance. I had a instructor advise our class if we were still finishing up pre-reqs IF WE HAD TIME(yeah right) to take a nutrtion class, as ITS NOT COVERED VERY MUCH IN THE PROGRAM. Am I dense or is something wrong with this picture? Diet is so interwoven with many of our illnesses you think it would be a critical part of coursework.

    Laura - who doesnt fit into the poll either
  8. by   VivaLasViejas
    None of the above. However, I have made some improvements in my diet, like eating very little sugar and trying to balance carbs and protein; this increases my energy levels, plus, for some reason, my arthritis bothers me far less when I don't eat sweets.

    The exercise thing is the hard part. I hate to sweat (I do enough of it with my frequent "power surges"), I hate to be out of breath, and I hate to hurt. My philosophy for the past 27 years or so is "I don't have to go to gym anymore, so I don't". I do like to garden, mow grass with an old-fashioned push mower, pull weeds & so on. I also love to swim, but opportunities are limited in wet, cool W. Oregon. Can't walk outdoors until July due to asthma/allergies. I know I've gotta do SOMETHING, but the idea of committing to something like this for the rest of my life terrifies me.
  9. by   tattooednursie
    I do exercise regularly. On the days I work I am always on my feet, walking . . . occasionally jogging to get my work done, and on my days off I usually go for a hike with my dog, Cujo. When I hike, Its mostly up hill, and I go for miles. Sometimes i stay gone all day enjoying the outdoors.
  10. by   Genista
    I try and exercise regularly, though I have some weeks that I fall off the healthy wagon!

    I make a real attempt to eat healthy, but that doesn't mean I don't get my fair share of cookies and other yummy things. I try to eat healthy (yes even green veggies) because DM runs in my family, and I've seen the ugly side of it. I can't live off chips and soda, much though I would like to. LOL! My Dad (with NIDDM- Type 2) just had a quadruple bypass last year, so...that does get some incentive to squeeze a little walking or fitness into my week! Yikes! Nothing like a little open heart scare to get you rethinking your lifestyle.

    Anyone who works the floors knows we are getting at least *some* activity mixed with weight training! A coworker brought in her pedometer the other night to work...and guess what, she clocked in 4 miles during our shift! Not bad, huh!
  11. by   NurseRachy
    OK - here is the excercise and organic and vegetarian/vegan girl!
    I don't eat meat because i believe every animal has just as much right as me to be alive. I have thought this since i was 2 years old and since then have never eaten meat. Yes i do get up and go for a run first thing every morning because it makes me feel good, and yes i do shop at an organic grocers all the time (even though it is at least twice the price!) I do not classify myself as a vegan because I do not refuse to eat vegetarian foods that people have cooked for me hust because it has a little milk in it or something. I myself do not but any animal products like butter or eggs or cheese and make up for it with soy products. I am the only vegetarian in my family and extended family and although they are supportive of my lifestyle, they all eat meat and don't worry about the organic produce.
    I consider myself very healthy. My body is my temple and nobody else's!
  12. by   KMSRN
    Who says that organic and/or vegetarian is more healthy than other diets???
  13. by   sphinx
    Being a little more awake than when I posted last night.....I do eat a lot less meat than I used to. Mostly due to the "gross out factor" believe it or not. it's funny, all the things I can handle as a nurse, but raw meat grosses me out. A lot of it has carried over after it's cooked. I like chicken if it's boneless and dark meat-ever. I despise eating chicken off a bone, it is sickening to me, especially if you get a vein snapping in there. Ack!! Pork if it's a good cut only. Nothing fatty. I do like steak...if it's lean and cooked grosses me out, esp if it runs. I can handle ground beef-the lean kind-if it's cooked into something....I've grown out of burgers, except for the occasional craving, and then it's usually a bad one, like a fast food burger (go figure!). Unfortunatly, the gross out factor goes for "healthier" stuff like fish.....I cannot handle's not the's putting my fork in it and seeing the silver on the inside. (retch!). I csn't eat crab or lobster (not like they're good for ya after all the butter most people slather'em in, haha) cuz I can't stand eating things I have to pick out of their carcasses.
    Eggs, I can eat scrambled, so long as they are not runny at you can guess I don't eat fried eggs, the runny yolk is the worst! I used to eat them with the yolk cooked, but the grease gets to me now too. Hard boiled eggs, I like only the whites in general.....unless they are deviled eggs....but if they are deviled, I will only eat if they are done with mustard, NO mayonaise. I depise mayo!!! Even the thought makes me gag!!!

    I just thought I'd share some of my goofy food things.....all of which have come about or gotten worse recently, as I've gotten older. I don't know why...... but I suppose it's not a bad thing. I get enough to get enough protein, and that's it.

    As for nutrition being taught in nursing programs, it is a shame that some programs don't do more with it. It was a required course at my school, and we had an excellent teacher, and he was pretty tough! Not that the concepts are difficult, but he was very good and had high expectations, and really did a lot to help us really did help me with myself and my patients. I have found at times it has been hard to practice what I preach though. I'd laugh at myself when I was doing home visits, doing all this diet teaching, then going out to my car and slugging down a diet coke and some fries. Well, I much prefer my water and banana and healthy lunch!