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I collect antique medical items such as old metal syringes, books, diagnostic equipment, etc. I also collect very old medical journals. I just won this auction on ebay. It's a medical... Read More

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    Quote from Bipley
    Do you?????? I have an early 1900s hemoglobinometer. It's from Merck. It has little papers similar to paper towels. You put a drop of blood on this special paper and compare it to the color chart to diagnose anemia! LOL

    I JUST (today) won a home medical guide from 1901. It's 1400 pages long. I had one before but I gave it to my sister's daughter. I have old (verrry old) medical syringes with the cleaning wire. You clean the inside of the needle with the wire and I have a stone used to sharpen the needle before the next use.

    I have a book that tells if your son is doing the dirty deed... masturbation. There are something like 19 signs to tell if he's "doing" it. :chuckle Some of the signs are, acne, a barrel chest, wants to keep to himself for long periods of time and not spend time with family, sweaty palms, an intense desire to spend time with female girls his own age, ... the list goes on. It is very funny. The reason they believed masturbation was bad for boys was because they only have so much sperm. If they use it all up before they are married it is cruel to his wife because he won't be able to have children.

    I love this stuff. I also collect items from slave trade days as well as ancient Egyptian artifacts. (stuff from tombs)

    This medical journal that I won... I bid on 15 of them and won 8. I cut a deal with the seller and anything I missed and failed to bid on (aka snipe) he will sell to me for his listing price assuming it didn't sell. That means, I'm not actually sure what I agreed to buy or how many paychecks it will take to pay this off! :hatparty: But I don't care, I adore this stuff. I can sit and read my old medical books for hours. I can't get enough of it.

    What do you have?
    Did you know that any antiquities from egypt are actually owned by the egyptian Gov't? If it came from a tomb it belongs to the people of Egypt. Not that I agree with that 100%, but that is the way it is.

    On the way back to the US after a 6 month tour of Egypt in the 80's I saw a US soldier arrested at customs for possesing antiquities. Its a very big deal. Dont do it. It is possible to buy authentic stuff, but it is not legal, and there are alot of fakes around.
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    old medical equiptment...what an awesome collection! Before now I never thought of it
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    I'm so glad to see other people are interested in this stuff too! I buy some things off of ebay, but I was wondering if you have any other websites or any where else that you buy this stuff?
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    What a great posting! I have a few little things like old medicine bottles, but I enjoy pictures of nursing and learning about health care in the "olden" days. When I saw the Tut exhibit years ago there was a beautiful gold statue of a godess that was one of three or four found in the tomb. Her head is at a 3/4 turn which is unusual for Egyptian art. Her name is Selkit and she is the godess of nursing and childbearing. If you see a picture of her she's the one with the scorpion on her head with her head turned slightly to the side--beautiful! I have a big poster of her and a plaster bust.

    I use a lot of this information when I teach my students--like the fact that the first airline stewardesses were nurses. I've also said that when they start recruiting for the first nurse to go on the space shuttle I volunteer!

    There is (or was) a mock set-up of an operating room in the Smithsonian complete with an old balloon pump--not as vintage as your cache but still interesting. They also had an old delivery chair--looked like a commode without the bucket.

    Great stuff!