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  1. I was wondering if the hospitals still have positions that are just for nursing students. When I finished my first semester, I was able to get a job as a Nurse Tech at my local hospital. The position was only for those students who had finished first sem of nursing school and were going to become RN's. I learned so much as a Nurse Tech! I was allowed to do anything that the primary RN would let me do. Anytime there was a procedure to be done on the unit the RN would get me to go with them. After I showed them I was profecient, they let me do it by myself. I had some great teachers on that unit who took me under their wing. After I finished my first year of nursing school I became a Tech II and made more money. I was able to study nursing at work and was encouraged to do so. Of course I did alot of feeds and baths too but I also got to do IV's, chest tube care, caths, etc. I was working under the RN's license so of course I could only do what they let me do, which was everything, including care planning and pulling orders, etc. I was not counted in figuring staffing untill I became a tech II, then I was counted as 1/2 nurse for staffing purposes. The unit was totally primary care and did not have assistants. All the nurses were RN's with BSN degrees as this is how the hospital hired. After I earned my RN, I was able to stay on the unit. It was nice being able to be a new RN with all that experience on the same unit! This was such a wonderful program. I was wondering if any hospitals have this type of position available to the students today.
    Thanks for your response!
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  3. by   CMERN
    YEAH... they call it GRUNT though now I think ....:chuckle .
    :imbar how do I know...ex-grunt here.
  4. by   mattsmom81
    Some hospitals in my area do hire nursing students as techs...they do it on an individual basis. I wish more would. I agree it's a great experience for a student....I was a nurse tech 1 and 11 and what I learned was invaluable.
  5. by   Motivated, SN

    I was just looking into this today. Some of our hospitals call them

    nurse techs; some call them nurse interns. I think if you can get

    hired in the area that you want to work as an RN, you've

    probably got it made. I might try to do this when the time comes;

    it sounds great. (I hope they still have them by that time). lol
  6. by   emily_mom
    Our hospitals also hire techs, but they have different requirements. One will hire after Pharm and the other 2 will only hire after Patho (which is 1 semester later). I love my job, and I have learned so much more than in school. It also makes you look good when it comes time to check off on stuff...
  7. by   Tweety
    YES!!!! Please come to work for us!!! We will hire you as a tech, work around your school schedule. Pay for your education IN FULL!!!!! If you agree to work for us when you graduate for two years.

    We have a new program for CNA's who want to go to school too. Our hospital will books and tuitiion. Work you only 16 hours and pay your for 40 hours!

    Come work for us!!
  8. by   Agnus
    The hospitals in my area do hire them. They are called Nurse Apprentice. However, They only do CNA work in most of these hospitals. It really depends. I know of one hospital that will let them do more like foleys steril dressings etc.
  9. by   colleen10
    I have heard that here in Pittsburgh most hospitals will hire Nursing Students after they have completed their first two semesters of nursing classes/clinicals. You can become a Patient Care Tech but I have also heard of other hospital using the term "Nurse Intern", etc.

    I am looking forward to completing my first two semesters as I very much would like to get a job like this so that I can gain more experience.

    Heard the pay isn't that bad either. About $12.00/hour.
  10. by   opalmRN
    Wow Flowerchild,
    What part of earth do you come from? This sounds like a perfect way for students to get the exposure they could benefit from.
    I would love to see something like this in my area of PA.

    Thanks for the info, have to keep my eyes and ears open.