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We really need to do something about the publics understanding of nursing. I'm starting to get really ticked about this and I'm far far from a prideful person. I'm just tired of people not realizing... Read More

  1. by   liberalrn
    OK. Many thoughts. I would go see Emma Thompson read the phone book aloud, so I'm renting that movie tonoc! Also, docs write "no brainer" orders because their butts have been burned one too many times by bad nurses--yes, they are out there! I shouldn't have to tell a nurse that a PD pt needs a daily weight...yet this nurse will come back at me with, "but it wasn't ordered"......
    The image of nursing is static. My 5 y/o just had outpt surgery. He recieved from the nurses a coloring book--a visit to the hospital etc. Very thoughtful. The "nurses" were bears (OK by me) complete with skirt and cap. Always standing behind the doctor (always a male bear--that is, no long eyelashes and wearing pants) etc. It made me ill.
    This image stuff is why I cannot watch ER. The job of those nurses would appear to be slapping any number of doors open and calling the resident or whomever to go to another room....stat! I always pay attention then and I go....stat, into another room myself!
  2. by   Dayray
    It gets worse =( today I had lunch with my fahter in law. He was complaing becuase my mom in law a CNA is being forced to attend classes on weekends. I asked what the classes were for. Seem she is being forced into med certifacation class including hwo to give IM's. Guess where she works? in the hospital on the med surg floor.

    I have heard this was coming but dident belive it CNAs are going to give meds in the hospital =( what a scarry thought and what a slap to nurses, a 20 hour course that allows CNAs to do one of the core tasks of med/surg nurses
  3. by   nursebucky
    I understand your vent, but as a Phlebo working through nursing school, I am almost always mistaken for the nurse...even when the nurse is standing there. I take it that I look nice since I am not frowning l ike some of our ER nurses.

    I take it in stride and I always feel as if I am on cloud nine.

    When I work the night shift, it is so cold that we wear lab coats. Well, the ER Doctor thought I was a Doctor one night. I was highly flattered! He has respected me to the utmost every since.

    I could have walked on water with Jesus that night!!!!!
  4. by   moonshadeau
    when it comes to identifying myself I have come to say "I am a REGISTERED nurse". Helps to deter any confusion.

    Plus also recommend reading "From Silence to Voice" by Bernice Burish. It is a real eye opener written from the standpoint of someone who is not in the healthcare industry.
  5. by   KailuaNurse
    I totally agree with the above posts. I find it very distrubing when other don't understand the functions of nurses. I also can't watch any "medical" shows because of the way that it depicts nurses as absolutely brainless. I was venting about this to my boyfriend about how the general public should know just how much nurses are educated and it's the nurses eye and knowledge that notifiy phyisicians "hey, you better check this kid out."

    Just to vent: I work at a teaching hospital and I had this med student who was working with one of the patients. Everytime she would tell me something she would ask "Do you have any questions?" The kiddo need NG tube placed. I was thinking you have got to be kidding. I should have asked her. "Now, how do you place an NG tube?" LOL:chuckle
  6. by   Dayray
    hehe I would have asked her which end to insert it in
  7. by   liberalrn
    wow. wow and double wow. Just watched "Wit" starring Emma Thompson. Excellent film. Nurses are portrayed the caring and compassion and competence departments. Don't know 'cause don't work onc, but the RN's assignment seemed rather light. Still, advocacy for pt is shown etc. It's a very powerful film and one that I will watch again. Cannot give away ending...but truly holistic in the best of ways......furball--many, many thanks!!!!!
  8. by   healingtouchRN
    I know what ya mean about people who say they are nurses but are NOT! I had a gal last year come into my ER with her attitude & tell me she was a nurse at the doc in the box up the street from our little ER. Well, when I pulled her face sheet to complete her discharge I find she is an MA. I told her to her face that telling people she is a nurse is not legal, & punishable by a fine, & further more if she wanted to be a nurse then go to school, but she should not be lying about it especially to someone who can find out! She was sour about the whole thing.
  9. by   MartL
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  10. by   prmenrs
    I saw that movie "Wit", too. Unbelieveable movie. And I LOVED the nurse!! She actually pulled up the potty chair when she was sharing the popsicle! A nurse would actually DO that!

    Emma Thompson was fantastic in that. I wonder if it won any awards.
  11. by   Furball
    You're very welcome, liberalRN! I agree...that nurse had a lot of time on her hands and and unrushed. Still needs work but a definite improvement over 99% of the portrayals(sic) of nurses in the media. Thompson deserved an academy for that performance.
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  12. by   fab4fan
    nursebucky: You think people mistake you (a phlebotomist) for a nurse because you "look nicer" than the other nurses in the dept.? What does THAT mean?

    I hope you don't ID yourself as a nurse at work as you to here in your post name. Anyone just reading your post name would get the impression the you were a nurse.
  13. by   funnygirl_rn
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Furball
    [B]The nurse also had time to split a popsicle with her pt.....when was the last time you had THAT knid of time on an average shift?

    Hee Hee Furball...I remembered that scene as well! You are correct no one gets to do things like that...who has the time! But, I did like the movie...even though it was a tear-jerker.