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:( Am I the only one who resents the "nurse impersonators" who abound in the health care field? Everyone who works at a doctor's office or in a hospital wears scrubs and seems to pass... Read More

  1. by   Maula, RN
    People who work very hard are not nurses. NURSES are nurses.

    I now know that you are a nurse
  2. by   Jay Levan
    Originally posted by Navy1Nurse
    I get your point about the hats though... from my point of view Being a Male I get mistaken for a MD all the time, even after I have repeatedly introduced myself as an RN, it's kind of funny really...Or I get the old "So when do you plan on going to medical school?"
    I'm sure this happens alot, but it get's old after a while..

    I do think RN's should be more easily identified/identifiable too.
    Me TOO x's 29yrs I have offered many times to have my Forehead Tattoo'd R.N. to no avail Jay Levan, R.N.
  3. by   betts
    Nurse imposters range from a person who has had no nursing education and represents him or herself as an LPN or RN, to an individual who has some education and represents him or herself as licensed for a broaderscope of practice (for example, CNA to LPN, or LPN to RN). The Board has no tolerance for any form of impostering and will impose the maximum dollar amount of its civil penalty authority. The Board may also impose a disciplinary sanction for imposters who are licensed or certified at some level.

    The following factors will be considered in deliberating the level of discipline from reprimand through revocation: intent, harm to patients, length of time as an imposter, and insight/remorse.

    The Board believes that employers of nurses should verify licensure and thereby avoid hiring a nurse imposter.The Board may impose a civil penalty and disciplinary sanction to the nurse employer found responsible for hiring a nurse imposter.

    Lying or Falsification within the Practice of Nursing or Performing Duties of a Nursing Assistant

    The safe and effective practice of nursing as a Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse, or NursePractitioner requires integrity, accuracy, and honesty in the provision of nursing care, including:*performing nursing assessments.*applying the nursing process.*reporting changes in patient condition.*acknowledging errors in practice and reporting them promptly.*accurate charting.*implementing care as ordered.

    Safely performing the duties of a Nursing Assistant requires honesty in the provision of patient care, including reporting changes in patient condition to a licensed nurse, charting care as given, and recording vital signs accurately. Failure to be accurate and honest while providing patient care and keeping accurate records related to care, is potentially harmful to the overall care patients receive because nurses who follow do not have a complete and accurate picture of the client's care/condition. Each case of lying and falsification will be considered on an individual basis. The Board will consider the following factors:*actual harm to the patient as a result of the lying or falsification.*the potential for harm to clients.*the past performance record of the nurse/nursing assistant.*prior complaints.*accountability for the act of falsification.*insight.*remorse.*other mitigating or aggravating factors.The Board will also consider whether or not the nurse/nursing assistant was unduly influenced by a more experienced or supervising licensed nurse to falsify patient records or care, in which case that nurse's conduct will be investigated by the Board. The investigative process will be used as an opportunity to educate and reinforce acceptable standards of care. Disciplinary sanctions may range from a warning to revocation. The first complaint of lying or falsification which did not result in harm to a patient may be disciplined by a letter of warning. The level of sanction will be directly proportionate to harm caused to the patient.

    Lying/Falsification to an Employer, School of Nursing, or Nursing Assistant Training Program

    The Board believes that falsification of an application to an employer, school of nursing, or nursing assistant training program is the responsibility of the employer, school or training program to resolve, unless the falsification involves misrepresentation of credentials, competencies or work experience which, if relied on by the employer, may jeopardize patient care. Misrepresentation of credentials to an employer, which results inharm to a patient or jeopardizes patient care, will be investigated and viewed by the Board in the same way that lying or falsification within the practice of nursing is viewed. A student nurse or nursing assistant who falsifies patient records or engages in other dishonesty in patient care gives the Board reason to suspect that he or she will continue the same dishonest acts after licensure or certification. If the Board is made aware of acts committed as a student/nursing assistant, an investigation will be conducted once the student/nursing assistant makes application for licensure or certification. The Board will consider the same factors as described above for lying and falsification within the practice of nursing or functioning as a nursing assistant.
  4. by   LPN2RNdude
    LOL these posts are FUNNY!!!!! i find a good bit of humor when reading them. i work as an RN for home health and the other day this lady was at a senior living apartment complex (this place makes u call the person up before they let u in) and this lady in scrubs (wearing house shoes with them and a hair net) tells me,,, so u a nurse, too??? i was like "yes i am, are u" and she goes yeah im an R.N., a regular nurse" LOL!!! ROFLMAO!!! i nearly died!
  5. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Quote from ShandyLynnRN
    As for the other issue where everyone seems to be upset about NA's being mistaken for Nurses....I have been on that side of nursing, and all I can say is that we are all "nurses" regardless of our title...

    A security guard is not a cop.
    A paralegal is not a lawyer.
    A PA is not a doctor, and
    a nursing assistant is not a @#$%^@#$%^ nurse.
  6. by   P_RN
    You probably didn't realize this thread was from 2002!?

    You may start a new thread if you wish.