Not so great 6 month review

  1. How do you handle a not so great six month review? I met all the expectations as far as the nursing field goes. However, a lot of this is all peer review. My review stated that I am highly emotional and hard to read by co-workers. I don't really know how to take this. I've always been am emotional person. I guess that comes with being a perfectionist. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks...
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  3. by   JKL33
    What kind of highly emotional behavior are we talking about?

    Do you agree with their assessment/comments?
  4. by   Been there,done that
    You should be good to go if you passed the 90 day probation period. Keep it together. Do NOT let your emotions show. I got fired after the first 2 weeks for "not smiling enough".
    Smile and nod. You do now, own your practice.
  5. by   KatieMI
    If you kind of agree with the review, you can try to work on your expression and communication skills with your co-workers. It can even not hurt to bifriend a few of them. Trays of cookies often do miracles! And, a bit if self-reflection never hurts on the long run.

    But, IMHO, a good job is where everyone is accepted as he or she is, within limits of professional environment and where employees are recognized as not being made by a cookie cutter. If you feel that you are "not fitting" and not accepted after a few more months, it might be safer to quietly look for something else. It is better to be a "job hopper" than forever explaining the past termination for mortal sin of not smiling enough.
  6. by   Davey Do
    Quote from IvyRN2017
    My review stated that I am highly emotional and hard to read by co-workers.
    Well that sounds like both ends of the spectrum.

    My advice: Get okay with who you are.
  7. by   not.done.yet
    Highly emotional but hard to read means you tend to "go off" without warning. This is a pretty serious problem in any work environment. If people are having to monitor to see if you are stressing out but are unable to figure it out, they feel like they have to walk on eggshells around you.

    Start by sharing when you are just beginning to feel stressed. Also start by smiling and being friendly and asking other people about their day. Be friendly. Take an interest. Learn to calm yourself. If you don't know how to do that, get some professional help to learn strategies to do so. Both you and your coworkers (and probably friends and family members) will be happier for it.