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I plan on watching up coming episode about small pox outbreak. Will be interesting to see how they handle it.... Read More

  1. by   prmenrs
    KP-RN I remember that episode w/the premie--it was the first time I felt like Abby was really a nurse! I promptly went to amazon and bought the CD that song was from. (Beth Nielson Chapman, Sand and Water)


    I started watching CSI after Survivor and before ER. I like it a lot.
  2. by   ERNurse752
    How'd everyone like Abby's and Carter's cross contamination of each other at the end?

    hehe...yeah, the demanding people were very realistic!

    Last week was excellent. Anthony Edwards did a wonderful job of portraying what was happening to Mark's body as his disease progressed. Bawled like a baby through most of it!

    I've never managed to see CSI, but I plan on making it a priority.
  3. by   whipping girl in 07
    My parents, who watch VERY little TV, got me turned on to CSI. It is so interesting; I love forensics and trying to figure out what twist the story is going to take before it takes it (although I'm usually wrong. I love watching those forensics shows (Real Detectives, FBI Files) on Discovery channel, too. I think they're on either Friday or Saturday night.

    CSI is usually on Thursdays at 9/8c.

    I used to watch ER often but after Clooney and Marguiles left the show I kind of lost interest. Especially since each new character they'd introduce, there for awhile, would only be on the show for a season or less (Kelly Martin, Maria Bello, Jorja Fox...who's now on CSI ). I've been watching sporadically again for the past year since Sherry Stringfield is back.

    Call me old-fashioned, but I just didn't like the story line of Rachel being pregnant out of wedlock on Friends. I've lost interest in that show over the past few years, too; it's still funny when I do watch, it's just not "Must See TV" anymore. :roll OK, I know that was cheezy! Friends is in syndication now, and I usually watch it whenever I can, but the new ones just don't do it for me. I think it all started with Ross marrying Emily...

    Which actually was good because Emily (Helen Baxendale, I think her name is) was in an episode of Mystery called "An Unsuitable Job for a Woman," which I never would have watched had I not recognized someone in it, which turned me on to reading P.D. James, who writes a WICKED mystery!! I've read nearly all her books, which I'm sure is much better for my brain than watching TV anyway!!

    OK, this was way longer than I had meant for it to be (which is usually the case when I post!
  4. by   RN-PA
    ERNurse752 said:

    How'd everyone like Abby's and Carter's cross contamination of each other at the end?
    I LIKED it! I LIKED it! I think they are better suited to each other, physically, than Abbie and Luca. Same body types or something-- better chemistry somehow. (I want Luca all to myself!!! :imbar :kiss )
  5. by   cbs3143
    As an ER burnout, I could never stand the show. I can tolerate being in the same room now, but am usually at the computer with headphones on. My wife really likes ER though.

    I really like Law & Order myself. Adam Schiff and Lenny were my favorite characters. I also watch JAG and CSI when I'm not watching A&E/History Channel or Discovery/TLC.
  6. by   brassdragon
    just finishing my RN schooling through the night program the only ER I have seen the last 3 years are the reruns during the day. I am seasons behind. What do you mean Dr. Green is leaving?
  7. by   whipping girl in 07
    Dr. Greene didn't leave; he died. Had a brain tumor and moved to Havaii (or some island place) so he could die in peace.

    I've only watched occasionally for the past few years, but enough to keep up (kind of like the soaps!)
  8. by   brassdragon
    I told you I am all confused - nursing school will do that
  9. by   whipping girl in 07
    I just graduated in December, so I've been able to catch up on my TV again. I missed it so...
  10. by   DebsZoo
    Oh, geeezzz, ER, CSI AND Law and Order!!!
    Ok, ok, ok, so, once Sept. arrives.............I guess I better stay up-to-date on these boards, lol.........cause I have a feeling, from what I have been reading, there will be NO time for t.v. once classes start.

    <suppose ONE night won't hurt>
  11. by   USA987
    I am a huge Law & Order fan. I really enjoy the new Criminal Intent. My DH says it's so unrealistic; that one person can't know so much....but I think he's just jealous!!! :chuckle

  12. by   Lausana
    Man, I was yelling and cheering at the TV at the Friends ending...I've been hoping they'd bring up Rachel/Joey again...Ross has had too many chances!

    Can anyone tell me how ER ended, believe it or not I fell asleep during the last 15 minutes...guess I wore myself out watching Friends!

    Question for the Law & Order fans-who's your favorite D.A."girl" Mine was Angie Harmon, I just can't accept the newest one, lol, ok I watch too much TV!

  13. by   Mary Dover
    Lausana, my fave girl DA was the one who now has her own series (can't think of her name, but her new series is Crossing Jordan). Later the story line seemed to imply that she and Jack had previously had an affair, and that afterwards she was killed in a car accident. I don't know if that was actually in an episode, or if that's just how the story played out after she left. Do you know? I thought I'd seen just about every episode with the syndicated reruns, but perhaps I've missed a couple. I didn't really get into L&O until my OTHER favorite show - HOMOCIDE- was cancelled.

    And Christine, the CI guy - is he a genious (and a babe) or what?Do you remember the character that same guy played in the movie 'Men in Black'?

    Here's another question, although I reckon this is WAY off topic from the original post. If you were an attorney, which would you rather be, a defense attorney, or a prosecutor? I'd choose prosecutor. And of course the L&O series makes it pretty obvious that it would be the coolest.
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