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The school district my child goes to has a CNA in the school clinic, who refers to herself as "The school Nurse". I thought she was either an LVN or RN until last week when she had me come pick up... Read More

  1. by   DutchgirlRN
    omg !! omg !! we had to call a doctor today for a patient inr of 58.
    yes 58! the "nurse" said that's ok, just check it again in one week. omg!

    my care manager asked "ma'am are you an rn or lpn?".
    neither, i'm a ma.
    care manager: "can i please speak with the doctor directly?"
    ma: "no he's busy, you can take my order he'll back me up".
    care manager: "no you're not qualified, i demand to talk to the doctor".
    ma: "no i told you he's busy and i'm in charge".
    care manager: "you're dangerous is what you are sweetie".

    we sent the patient to the er. ffp x 3 units. spending the night in the hospital. it will be interesting to see how this one ends. with the ma, not the patient, the pt is now safe.
  2. by   gauge14iv
    FIFTY EIGHT? How??

    Hmmmmm reminds me of the pharmacy error story on 20/20 where a patient got 100 mg of coumadin instead of 10mg in her pill bottle.

    You can imagine what the outcome of that one was.

    I could think of mean pranks to play on an MA like that.
  3. by   DutchgirlRN
    Quote from gauge14iv
    FIFTY EIGHT? How??
    The elderly patient confused their QID antibiotic with the QD coumadin so were taking 4 x as much daily.
  4. by   gauge14iv
    Awwwwwwwww poor little person! How frightening for them!
  5. by   GRAMBLING
    This is scary, does she give any medication or injections? I feel this is devastating and harmful and should be followed up unless the people who hired her is as guilty??
  6. by   Blessed2BeMommy
    I'd love to get your guys' take on this. I am in nursing school (graduate in October with an RN... take my NCLEX-PN next Thursday) and there is a girl in my class who has the license plate Nrs4Kdz, that is also part of her email address. She has a nurse extern position at the local children's hospital, but the license plate thing makes me a little uncomfortable. Am I just being oversensitive?
  7. by   core0
    Quote from DutchgirlRN
    The elderly patient confused their QID antibiotic with the QD coumadin so were taking 4 x as much daily.
    Sounds like my patient that confused her Alleve with her Tylenol. After three days at 2 Q4-6 hours her stool turned black. She looked this up on the internet and it said this was "bad". She went to the ER. Her HCT was 8. When we scoped her the entire body of her stomach was a big ulcer.

    David Carpenter, PA-C

    We have Carpenter's law which was named after a comment I made in the ICU. Your INR should never be higher than your HgB. It should definitely not be higher than your HCT.
  8. by   smk1
    Quote from theofficegirl
    Every medical office I've worked in refers to CNAs, CMAs, and other non-licensed staff as "Nurse". I have never agreed with this, but I have been told by several doctors that "the nurse" is the one who provides assistance to the doctor in the office, and lessens confusion for the patients.
    In a way, it's understandable, because most patients can't keep up with medical ranks, so it's easier to to call the non-doctor "nurse". I say this because I've been asked point-blank if I am an RN or an LPN, and I reply that I am a Nursing Assistant, and some patients have actually said, "Oh, so you're better than an RN!"

    Then I list out the medical rankings for them.

    There is no excuse - EVER - to call yourself a nurse unless you hold a nursing licsense. End of story.

    Then you should tell him you will begin calling all of the midlevels (CNS, NP, PA-C) "doctor" because in an office the doctor is the one who provides the medical care to the patient and writes orders for the nurses and this will lessen the confusion for the patients.
  9. by   medsurgnurse
    Quote from dbowens02
    I agree about the fact that she was misleading. I do not think it is professional. But some nurses think they are above everyone. That is sad. They act like it is rocket science to give a shot. That Cma's are stupid. You may not feel that way but a lot do. I really don't care what people think of me. I know my abilities as do my coworkers and doctors. i will graduate this year with my BSN but am still the same person and will never mistreat trained people trying to do their job. What I do have a problem with on the other hand is people who are not trained and have no formal education calling themselves nurses or CMA's. I just wish everyone would get along and just do their job.
    So you don't have a problem with non-nurses calling themselves nurses, but it bugs you that those without formal education call themselves CMAs. That really strange. I willing to bet that after you finish NURSING school and pass NCLEX that you will feel different than you do now. Come back to this thread in a year and let us know.
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  10. by   christymwinn
    Quote from LUVyourCNA
    I am an LPN and i was just wondering do RN's consider an LPN to be a nurse?
    YES MAAM!! Most certainly!! Many nurses whom I have the most respect for are LPN's or were LPN's before geting their RN's. I am proud to say that I was an LPN for over 8 years before I went back for my RN. I know first hand the disrespect LPN's receive.
  11. by   Roy Fokker
    LUVyourCNA: I work with three LPNs.

    Two have been on the job for 25+ years. The other just retired from active military duty (special forces medic) and has done extensive time in CCU/ICU and multiple combat tours.

    They are some of the finest nurses I have the priviledge of working with!

    Honestly, I attach more importance to competence, attitude and performace than the letters tagging your name.

  12. by   christymwinn
    well said roy!!!
  13. by   gauge14iv
    Quote from Roy Fokker
    Honestly, I attach more importance to competence, attitude and performace than the letters tagging your name.
    Exactly - which is why if you are worth your salt at what you do, there is no need to lie about what you are!