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I just found out we do not get holiday pay! Do you?... Read More

  1. by   DolphinRN84
    Yes we get holiday pay. I didn't work Thanksgiving but I did get paid for the 8 hours. I'm 40 hours a week. I'm not sure if you work a holiday you get time and a half or double time...but you do get holiday pay.
  2. by   sweetielin
    Straight time for holidays worked. Everyone gets 8 hours of paid time off at their base pay regardless of whether they work the holiday.We work 12 hour shifts, so to actually get a day off you have to take your holiday and 4 hours vacation time. No union. Pretty sorry I think.
  3. by   Laught3r
    I get holiday pay. I get double time for the holiday if I work the day of, the day before, or the day after. If I don't work either of those three days then I get regular time just because I work here. I love this place.
  4. by   Freedom42
    I'm a student; I do not yet work in health care. I left a union job three months ago. We received double time and a half for the first eight hours of work on any holiday; any hours worked after that was paid at triple time. We were also entitled to turnaround time, meaning that if we received less than a 10-hour break between shifts, we were entitled to quadruple time (fourple time?) until that 10-hour break period had elapsed.

    Oh, yes, and of course all holidays included a catered turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Those of us not working would receive $100 grocery cards at Christmas. I had six weeks' paid time off (thanks to seniority; newbies start at two weeks) plus three personal days and eight holidays.

    Since none of the major hospitals in my home state is unionized yet, I expect I can kiss that turkey dinner and all that overtime goodbye when I graduate. I'm curious: To what unions do the nurses with good holiday pay packages belong? Anyone in SEIU?
  5. by   dazey71
    We get time and a half. I think that there would be quite a few call-ins if we didn't get any extra pay for the holidays.
  6. by   Chaya
    Wow! Didn't realize anyplace gave you pay for a holiday shift you didn't work! We get holiday pay only if you work that day, and at this point there are only like 3 holidays that qualify. This year if the holiday is on your weekend- you work it. Non negotiable unless, you can find someone to trade.
    We are non-union (I think I'm seeing a trend here).
  7. by   Chaya
    Quote from RGN1
    Our holiday/unsocial hours pay is suposedly worked into our wages already. A full timer has to work 4 bank holidays in a year & a part timer 2. Funnily enough we're owned by a US company! When I worked in the NHS we got time & a half for working Bank hols & extra allowance for "unsocial" hours, which on a late shift usually meant 1.5 hrs enhanced pay & enhanced pay for weekends.
    RGN1: What is "unsocial" time-is that time when you are not working per se but are obligated to be available to come in? (What we would call "on call").
  8. by   mollyma
    where do you work? i never heard of triple time before
  9. by   Freedom42
    Not sure to whom your question is addressed, but I did mention triple time. I worked at a TV station and had a union contract. It was a standard provision.
  10. by   styRN
    It's law in Ontario that employers must pay workers at least time-and-one-half for mandatory stats, whether they're union or not.

    We are in a union and get paid double time for working, plus we get another day off at our convenience paid in-lieu of not getting the staf off, so it's effectively triple time, in addition we have 12 recognized states/year.