Night Shift Burn Out!

  1. How long must I do night shift? Oh the sacrifices in my personal life! I feel so abnormal. My 6 & 7 year old son's only know mommy as sleepy. I feel like I give so much... most of the time willingly, but lately, I am mad about having to leave my family.

    The little extra pays for private school. so I can't quit...and even if I went to days, who would pick up the kids? There is no bus with our school. I sleep from 8a...usually, to 1:30p. How long will my health allow this? It has become so expected and the norm. I want off the tread mill!!
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  3. by   StNeotser
    Do you do 3 12 hr shifts or 5 8hr shifts?

    I've about had it with night shift I must admit, but I can probably do days in a year or so due to my daughters age.

    How long have you been doing nights?
  4. by   NiteRocker
    6 years between both Mother-baby job and NICU job. Seems like forever!
  5. by   NiteRocker
    Forgot...3-12's. I've requested 8's, but it doesn't seem to work in our unit.

    About a year & 1/2 ago I did 11-7a, but the 3-11p people dwindled out, causing my comrads to get frustrated when I came in at 11p. If they were doing and extra shift, they were bumped to PICU or TICU...causing some animosity. I went back to the 7p-7a reluctantly.
  6. by   vamedic4
    It sounds as if you do five eight hour shifts...which is craaaazzy if you have young children...can you do 12s?? I've worked nights (7p-7a) for 11 years and I love allows me to be home with the kiddos. But I only work 3 nights/week so if there's a day I don't get "enough" sleep during the day...I just go to bed a little early at night.
    There are several posts about how to deal with the "pain" associated with night a search for those for some good recommendations.

    Good luck!!!

  7. by   NiteRocker

    I do 3 12' Over the past 9 months I have done 2 12's at my "primary job" and 2 12's at my Baylor job. Droped the Baylor last month. So, I'm back to 3 12's at the primary job.

    I think I'll be fine once I get back to normal, but the last year has been rough.

    The 2 kids are in private school. I tried to off set the expense wiith the second job. Crazy Mom!
  8. by   scrmblr
    Is private school really worth your sanity???
  9. by   rninme
    I've been on nights...for the most part.....for 18 years. And, it is finally catching up with me. I don't have the energy that I used to....and "flipping" back to normal person hours on my days off gets harder and harder as time goes by. Looking for a day shift job.....but really hate to give up the night shift is substantial. Back in school to complete my there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  10. by   bagladyrn
    Actually I found that I had LESS time with my son when I tried working 12 hr. day shift. I'd get off at 7:30 p.m., not get home til 8:30 then need to be in bed within an hour or so to get back up at 5:00 to leave at 6:00. With 12 hour nights, I'd sleep until time for him to get home (why are you only sleeping until 1:30?) and be having my first cup of coffee when he came in. I enjoyed having the couple of hours after school to catch up and have dinner with him before work.
  11. by   NiteRocker
    Let's start by saying traffic where I live is horrible! Atlanta area.

    I get up at 1:30p to drive 30 minutes to school, wait for 10-15 while napping in carpool line, pick up the 5 year old, drive 2 blocks to wait 20 min for the older 7 yr old in carpool, then it is 30 min home. 1:30-3:30 I am in the car. Last year at the same school it took 30 min less, but now the boys are at two different campuses.

    And, yes, I've always thought having them in a Catholic school would be ideal. What is it they might just get what you pray for! Well, I did. We started with the school when it opened and know the boys are happy and learning. Not that public school is bad, but you always want for your children what you did not have. Right?

    Anyway, my burnout is not about the nursing job. I love my unit. But, the rat race in the Atlanta area is amazing. My husband drives 1 & 1/2 hours TO work after dropping off the boys at school. I pray for a move, but it hasn't happened yet.

    I turned down an extra 8 shift last night, but I feel guilty. The unit needed me and I needed the income.

    I just don't know how to fix it. Still trying.:spin:
  12. by   HARRN2b

    We had to get out of the Atlanta area for the reasons you mentioned. We were north in Cherokee county. It was insane. Took my DH 2 hours somedays to get to work. We may relo to Augusta, Columbus or Savannah to stay out of the rat race. I am hoping those are nice areas as I have not been there before. I love Georgia, but Atlanta does not have the infrastructure to support their population!!!
  13. by   banditrn
    OP - I feel for you - I hated 12 hr. shifts. I was working them when my kids were in sports, and I very seldom got to go!

    I've always been a nite person, and I NEED a certain amount of 'staring at the walls' time when I get up before going anywhere.

    I live in a much more rural area than Atlanta - in fact the little town I live in only has a population of about 900. I love it, and can't imagine living in such a big place - it would drive me insane!:spin:
  14. by   littlecheese
    I worked night shift for 15 years and it did eventually cause my health an issue. As an assistant manager on full time days (8hr) I recently flipped to nights and did 40 hours in 3 days, I feel it! Night shift is not normal, I too raised my daughter and slept very little. Some people just tolerate it better than others. good luck!