Nicest compliment yet

  1. While receiving report on one of my 12 patients the other nurses groaned when they heard "the name". New to nursing (6 months) I had not yet encountered her. She is basically a train wreck and the previous shift is apologizing for not starting her IV or getting ANYTHING done on her. I take it in stride because complaining is not going to change anything and I have got to get moving cause this shift with this patient load is a killer if you do not hit the ground running. Know what I mean?

    So 11 hours, 2 IV's, one foley cathater, 2 units PRBC's, two calls to the doctor, 3 explanations on procedures, 2 explanations on tomorrows tests, and advice on how not to get this bad in the future she says "I want to thank you. You are the best nurse I have ever had and I felt safe with you".

    And it is for this small reason, even though I hate walking through the doors of that hospital, I will show up for work tomorrow.
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  3. by   happystudent
    good for you! What a wonderful nurse you are!!
  4. by   GAstudent
    Aww. That is so sweet. I am a CNA and it is nice when someone says that. I work in LTC and this one man is on O2 and I caught him outside smoking one day and explained to him that I don't want his health to decline anymore then it already has and that as long as I am around he can't smoke in front of me. Well he now everyday lets me know he is so Thankful for our "little talk" and tells me he loves me. I go in during my break and talk to him and his wife everyday and she says how happy she is that I talked to him and that I take care of him so well. It makes you feel so good and makes you feel and know it is worth while. Now some people are just plain rude and hard to deal with but they love other CNA's. That's great and wonderful for you. I'm Happy for you!
  5. by   Tweety
    Awesome. But 12 patients? Wonder how long you can keep up that pace. No wonder we burn out.

    Hats off to you!
  6. by   Rapheal
    3rdShiftGuy, Your back. I was gone for awhile and before that you had taken a break from the bb. I promised to write you a poem on your return. I need to think of a special one.

    Yes, I am already burnt out and think I will probally stay gone from this bb until I find another position. I think my posting may be a little (more than a little) negative because I am so unhappy in my job. I do not want my negativity to rub off on others. But before I go again I will write that poem. Hugs and kisses because I love your posts and you are such a sweet guy. Beth
  7. by   Tweety
    I was gone about four weeks. Thanks for the welcome back.

    Remember though when it gets bad come here and vent to those of us who understand.

    Take care.
  8. by   mageean
    Compliments like this make the job worthwhile. keep up the good work and remember to look after yourself!!
  9. by   Liddle Noodnik
    I got mine the other morning. A grouchy patient of mine at the end of the shift took my hand and kissed it gallantly. He said I did everything with love. I said, well, that's from God! He said, from God thru you to me!

  10. by   Cynthiann
    Wow, that was a nice complement! I can't wait until I become a nurse.

    No wonder you are burnt out. You had to do all those things for one patient and still have 11 other patients to care for. What unit are you in now and where do you want to get a new job in?
  11. by   fairyprincess2003
    I know exactly what you mean.
    Also, has anyone ever noticed this...for example "that patient" that no one can stand and say is aweful. Then you have them and all you are is nice to them and actually listen to what they have to say. They turn out just fine for you? That has happened to me
  12. by   nrw350
    I like to think that a person who might be described as "rude" or "aweful" may only be that way out of fear or pain. And that a good nurse can help a patient get thru those emotions, and then there true self shines thru.
  13. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Originally posted by noeljan222
    nice to them and actually listen to what they have to say. They turn out just fine for you? That has happened to me
    This happens ALLL the time! And I usually don't have to go out of my way or spend a lot of time, just convey that I care and that I hear.
  14. by   jnette
    I'm fortunate where I work. Our pts. are ALWAYS telling us how great we are, how much we care. I know it's different because we see them 3x a week for 3-4 hours each, and we have many who have been with us for nearly 10 years... so we're all pretty attached. But even our "new" pts. say the same thing.. today one of our more "dismal" pts. told me "you guys here make me happy.. I look FORWARD to coming to dialysis because you are the best nurses I've ever encountered ANYWHERE."

    Feels good. I'm sure if I were in a hospital, and our patient turnover was like yours, I wouldn't hear this nearly as much, so for those of you who do, rejoice ! It means a LOT !