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We've been conned into believing............. Nice nurses don't___________________ Good nurses do____________________ (Fill in the blanks yourself.)... Read More

  1. by   mopsi
    nice nurses ....I haven't seen one in some time

    Good nurses.......a few sightings......usually have your back when you need them the most.......not stabbing it when you expect it the least
  2. by   Serani
    Nice Nurses: Are codependent!
    Good Nurses: Are professional!
  3. by   kids
    originally posted by serani
    nice nurses: are codependent!
    good nurses: are professional!
  4. by   mario_ragucci
    Mario starts nursing school in the Fall

    Nice nurses don't make up information they don't know

    Good nurses do admitt when they don't know an answer and find out what it is on their own
  5. by   Nurse_Bonita
    Nice nurses suck up to people even when they are being abused.
    (guess it comes with the job?)

    Good nurses listen to what has to be said and take it with a grain of salt! (no sucking up required here):imbar
  6. by   momrn50
    Nice nurses get told You're too need to be more firm with people. Good nurses work their asses off and don't get appreciated.
  7. by   night owl
    nice nurses kiss butts...good nurses save butts!
  8. by   night owl
    nice nurses don't do anything to improve the nursing profession except ****** about it...

    good nurses get involved and voice their opinions to help improve our profession...
  9. by   WhiteStockings
    Nice nurses try hard to please everybody
    A good nurse will be kind to herself and take care of herself and not go to work sick with a temp of 102 like I did on last night!
  10. by   HazeK
    "Nice Nurses: Are codependent!
    Good Nurses: Are professional!"

    so true!

    Another one:
    Nice Nurses want everyone to like them, so they don't do procedures/therapies that the patients don't like...
    Good nurses do what is BEST for the patient's recovery