1. Does anyone know of the new technology using special invisible light that is used to help start IVs?

    Toni Ann
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    are you talking about the Venoscope Transilluminator?

  4. by   toni ann
    No. This new device uses invisble light. I know of one hospital in N.Calif that has one. It is a big one weighing about 150 pounds. It is used primarily in the ICU. I will check to get the name of this device to post.

    Toni Ann
  5. by   nrsang97
    There is a nursing 2007 article about this subject. I can't remember the month it was in but I will look for the magazine and post the issues month here.
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  7. by   OkieMom3D
    I know what you are talking about, we had a sales presentation for it at my hospital and several hospitals in the area are getting them. It is the about the size of a portable x-ray machine and uses the same light technology as a pulse ox. It is brand new, October 2006, and costs $25,000. The local paper did a story about them a while back but I couldn't find it. Sorry!
  8. by   oldiebutgoodie
  9. by   P_RN
    That second link looks like the special effects used on the "Bionic Woman" the other night! I have had times I wished for something that could make veins appear. I became pretty good at starting IVs and did learn PICCs though Radiology soon took over doing them. $$ ?
  10. by   toni ann
    Thanks. That link was very helpful.

    Toni Ann
  11. by   PatricksRNMommy
    We have a small "veinfinder" on our unit. It's small enough to fit in the palm of a hand and uses a red light much light the pulse oximeter. It works well for spotting veins on people with darker skin tones or lots of arm hair. Now if we could just get a gadget to stop the veins from blowing and rolling away....
  12. by   deeDawntee
    WHOA!!! These are VERY cool. Now all I need to make me a happier nurse is a device that would give me a running blood glucose reading...anybody inventing one of those???

    Maybe not in my lifetime...huh??