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  1. Hi, everybody! So, what to say... I am making the first little step into nursing profession. That's right - I am a first year nursing student in Canadian college (Vancouver). First year sounds very good (I wish it were a year already); actually, I've just started (two weeks ago!). For those who don't remember what it feels like, I'll say that all I do now is studying, sleeping, studying, eating, studying... etc. I would never come up with an idea to participate in forum at this stage of my life if circumstances wouldn't force me to. In short, I am asking for HELP from practicing nurses (from any part of the world), who have left far behind (or maybe not so far) the joy and stress of being a nursing student. A part of our curriculum in the first term requires us to make an on-line interaction with practicing nurse, where we would discuss nursing related issues (nothing personal or confidential). It, generally, has to be 3-4 e-mails, not necessarily big ones. I hope we can make it not boring too. Anyway, if anybody would like (and could) to help me with this one, it would be just as life-saving. Please, anybody who's interested or know somebody who might be interested (maybe they had to do the same thing while in school), respond here or to my e-mail ( Any suggestions (like the web address of another forum) will also be appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance!
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  3. by   karenG
    I am happy to talk to you! I work in london- so nursing here is different! feel free to pm me.

  4. by   ERNurse752
    I live in the US, and I'll talk to you if you need can also pm me through this board.
    I well remember what school was like...hang in there! Good luck, and welcome to the board!
  5. by   fab4fan
    I'd be glad to talk to you; you can private message me here.:spin:
  6. by   jevans

    Welcome to the board.

    We are all happy to help. If you want assistance just post a thread and you can have all our experiences, we all come from different nursing backgrounds. You can also print out our answers if need be.

    But if you would prefer do not hesitate PM me

    Good luck
  7. by   nursedawn67
    Welcome to the board and good luck in nursing school....I'm here anytime for questions or talk.
  8. by   Love-A-Nurse
    and welcome to the board!
  9. by   Sergey
    Thanks so much to all of you who responded to my request for on-line interaction. I am now beginning to understand reasons for this assignment; for sure one of them is to show us (nursing students) the importance of nurses' cooperation and support to each other while caring for people. Receiving your kind words meant a lot to me indeed. Thank you all again!
  10. by   lpnga
    Hey, i am a nursing student as well, I would love to have someone to chat with. my email is
  11. by   beaRNwhenIgroUP
    i just wanted to let y'all know (if you don't know) that we (student nurses) have our own forum in can get there from the Nursing Bulletin Board...if you need support studying, we have practice quizzes (thanks to helpful memebers), or if you just want let off steam Come play!

  12. by   LCKSPN
    I have been a nursing student for a month now and I know exactly what you are going through. It only gets tougher. Hang in there. Feel free to get a hold of me and we can chat.
  13. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Just South of you here near Seattle. PM me w/ any needs. I will see what I can do to help a friendly Northern Neighbor.
  14. by   Pamelita
    I graduated last year and I totally feel your pain
    nursing school = eat, sleep, study...
    hang in there It will be all worth it!!!