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  1. Hey All,

    I'm new to this site. I'm a recent graduate in NY and have been searching for employment for approximately 6 months. I have a few questions I was hoping to get some input with. All throughout school everyone said that ADN nurses will be offered similar opportunities as BSN Nurses. Well this is not the case. I spend 3 hours of my day job searching, blasting my resume, posting blogs trying to find employment and have been on more than two dozen interviews. Most of the employers, say BSN preferred but when interviewing, immediately state they want BSN or at least experience. Most hospitals wont even give me the time. I want to enroll in a BSN program and truly would like to explore my online options only because I currently work a full-time non-nursing position and therefore cant take time off to go back to school. Does anyone know of a good ONLINE program??? I have explored Kaplan, American Sentinel University and SUNY Delhi?? Any others that can be recommended?? Also, should I start trying to certify for IV infusion, ACLS and others in order to boost my resume?? Financially its such a burden to think that I need to spend more in order to get hired, but I have already started paying my student loans and would like to make myself more marketable. I'm so overwhelmed and stressed with the idea of not being able to find employment. I didn't imagine it would be this difficult. Any input???

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  3. by   melmarie23
    have you thought about relocating out of NY to get a job?
  4. by   Tait
    I am currently in the ADN-MSN program with Grand Canyon University out of Phoenix Arizona. They offer...let's see 12 classes at 5 week accelerated pace so I guess a little over a year, ADN-BSN all online bridge. While I have definitely been frustrated at times with them (make sure you have an APA 5th edition book!) I would say my issues aren't anything that would make me stop going there.

    I would check in to local hospitals. I know in my ACLS class we had a few pharmacy students that picked it up for experience, and one nursing student.

    Good luck
  5. by   Concrete Girl,RN
    Ohio University has a good online program you can check out just google Ohio university RN-BSN. It is a one year program, that is what most of the RN's around here are doing and it's fine that you are out of state. Also Ohio is really terrible for new grad jobs too..but I don't understand, why are they calling you and interviewing you if they don't want an ADN? They should know thats what you are by your resume...Seems like a waste of their time and yours! Good luck to you!
  6. by   Mulan
    I thought jobs were available in upstate NY.
  7. by   MN-Nurse

    I also spent countless hours doing online apps for hospitals. Ugh.

    Have you expanded your job search to Home Health and LTC? In my area, there are a lot of jobs for new grads in these fields. At the very least, you have a decent paying job while you get your BSN.

    Right now, it is difficult for ANY new grad to get a job - let alone at a hospital. My current employer (just put in a 4-week notice as an NA) just announced they were NOT going to restart their new grad program. No matter what your level of education is, you cannot get a job as a new grad in that hospital. They are contracting travel nurses and hiring kids off nursing home TCUs, but no new grads.

    When the employment situation picks up, they will hire ADN grads again. But until then, they have plenty experienced RNs to pick from - let alone BSN grads.

    Good luck!
  8. by   finallyRN7
    Oh my goodness, I truly feel your frustration. I'm also a ADN nurse graduate and have been looking for employment for 6 months as well. I've also considered going back to get my BSN and I researched alot of online RN-BSN programs. The ones I found that are convenient, affordable, and reputable are Chamberlain College of nursing (, University of Texas @ Arlington (, and Arizona State University ( Chamberlain and ASU DO NOT require you to do onsite clinicals, but UTA does. UTA is also less expensive than the others. However, UTA's tuition now until July4th is $6450 but will increase to about $8990 or something like that, check their website for the correct numbers, and their program requires onsite clinicals. ASU's programs only begin twice a year (spr and fall), but Chamberlain and UTA's programs will allow you to start at more convenient times for yourself. Check their websites for more accurate info though, because I may have misquoted or left something out. Don't give up on the job hunt. Believe me, lately I've felt like giving up and just taking a position in medical other than RN. I've given myself so many deadlines that's it's pitiful. I've faith that someone will call eventually. Best wishes to you in your endeavors.
  9. by   WendyM816
    I can not relocate at the current time because of my husbands job. But that has definitely crossed my mind. It appears that everywhere other than NY and several other states, the nursing opportunities are definitely better! Plus sign on Bonuses, as well as housing assistance.

    I definitely have looked into Homecare (also want 1 year experience) LTC, agencies, and Nursing Homes.. Its really really sad but everywhere I go, its the same story and excuse. I have so many years in the medical field but NOT nursing and that is not considered experience.

    I will continue to search in hopes of getting something. I freak out the more time passes. It looks so bad to go on an interview and say Ive been a nurse for 6 months but have ZERO experience.

    Thank you all for the input regarding the RN to BSN programs... Im on it! I appreciate all and any information given. Im pretty hopeless..
  10. by   PhillyBSN
    If you live in NY., have you considered NJ? Virtua has plenty of facilites that hires new grads. You can also tell them that you plan on seeking to obtain your BSN. Although you would have a 45minute-1hr commute, you can gain experience.

    Any new grad whether BSN or ADN is going to have a tough time.
  11. by   WendyM816
    I actually live out 2 hrs from the city and already commute to my current job. Adding an additional hour plus would be nuts for me. I can stick to Queens, LI, Manhattan if I have to.... Thanks for the info!
  12. by   CharlieTaco
    If you have gotten 2 dozen interviews then I would worry about how you are performing in the interviews. In 6 months of applying I only got 4 interviews and I sent out at least 90 apps. If you aren't qualified they won't even respond to your application so my feeling is that your interviewing skills could be the problem. Something your doing or communicating is preventing them from hiring you. I could be wrong, but this is just my opinion. By the way, I do have a BSN so I can't say I have experienced what you have but I also had trouble finding a job. I couldn't get interviews, but the 4 I did get, I got offers from 3. If you get a interview, its usually your job to lose at the point of the interview. You should try North Shore LIJ, they have 14 hospitals. Go on their website, make a profile and you can apply to all open positions in those hospitals. They do also prefer BSN and require you to complete yours within 5 years of your hire date. From what I understand, they will soon phase out adn altogether in the future. Same for most hospital in NYC, they all want magnet status, good luck. Getting your BSN online is going to be very expensive, especially if you aren't working as a nurse.