New Grads - Rotten Shifts? - page 7

I have heard a lot of conflicting things from nurses and non-nurses regarding new graduate RNs and choices of shifts. The nurses tell me they had no trouble getting day shifts as a new grad. The... Read More

  1. by   Christie RN2006
    I am a new grad and when I was hired I got my choice of either 3p-3a or 7a-7p. I decided to go with the 3p-3a since I get night pay for that whole time and I am a night owl, getting up and being to work by 7 is definitely not for me.
  2. by   KnoxWarEagle
    If you are willing to go to Med Surg then there or more open positions in all shifts. There are many options. If you like nursing make the jump. It will all fall into place