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After reading so many threads here on about the hard times many new grads are having at getting jobs, I just wanted to share a few words of encouragement. My feelings go out to all... Read More

  1. by   momtomonsters
    I graduated on May 13 and am having a terrible time finding a job. I started applying months ago for posistions all over the spectrum of nursing here in Cincinnati and NOTHING has turned up. It's really sad that there are very few positions in nursing available in Cincy right now. I walked away from a job making excellent money to go to nursing school full-time because I wanted a career change. I am now realizing that was the worst decision I could have made financially. What was I thinking? I had no idea that it would be impossible to get a nursing job. I'ts really frustrating when I see students from my class who barely passed are getting jobs, and I graduated #3 and I can't even get an interview.
  2. by   nursenow
    My advice and my personal experience is: Dont drop off resumes and dont follow up by phone. If you want to get a job in LTC/SNF walk in and ask for the DON and ask in person for a job. If He/she says no, give them your appplication in person and every couple of weeks stop by put your head in the office and say hello. The hiring process in LTC/SNF is fairly simple and easily influenced by one or two people at the facility.

    My first job out of school, I walked in and asked the DON for a job and he said "No, we only hire experienced nurses here". I said OK and proceded to chat about something completely unrelated to nursing and wound up getting hired because he thought I would fit in well. I have talked to a couple of other people that have had similiar experiences at other facilities.

    If you drop off a resume you are just another list of qualifications asking for work which makes it easier to turn you down.
  3. by   coconutcrazycluck
    By now you have graduated so congrats. I know there are tons of jobs in Texas and seem to always be. Also Washington state is an area always in need and offer sign on bonus with relocation assistance as well. Good luck to you in your search and possible move.
  4. by   MeggaRN
    thank you for posting. I graduate in December and am really nervous about finding employment, but this is encouraging that you found your way into a field that you now love.
  5. by   what is going on LPN
    Hey, everyone this is you know who - thanks for all the great advice - however I've landed a job - I finally have gotten employed and making fairly good money $25 hr.

    thanks again for the great advice- and you will be hearing from me soon to keep everyone up dated on how my experience as a new nurse is

  6. by   Katie5
    Congrats to you.Great Job
  7. by   Mecene
    I would also encourage new grads to design a clear career plan for their nursing career. do not let this season in nursing keep you from formulate a career plan. without a plan you will end up taking any job that comes your way which can keep you from landing your dream job later on. take the time to figure out what you really want to accomplish as a nurse and focus on those jobs that you want to land. do not ever give up and give in to anything that comes your way out of desperation.
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  8. by   doesanyoneknowwhy
    man i agree completely. it just seems like that our nursing instructors are a little confused as to how to guide the students in their nursing career.

    public health is the one area that they are really telling up to prepare for, like RN placed in the public in communities to teach health, prevention and promotion. In the hospitals too. The RN's - nursing students are all being told to get their master degrees at the least and then the Phd, and NP to teach and treat.

    So, it seems to me that a master, a Phd, or the NP will get you any job in any area of nursing.

    Sounds like I have no choice, but to race and get my masters, then PhD and the NP, to keep up with the game.

  9. by   doesanyoneknowwhy
    New grads, do not stop with an assoc or bach degree in nursing, keep going.......master, PhD and NP.
    This is what all my instructors are telling everyone here at the Universities. They are all doctorates of nursing, and NP, they should know.
  10. by   redeyefan214
    Aloha, Brian!

    Finally got around to reading some posts at allnurses. Thank you so much for your post. It is so appropriate. I graduated in January with my BSN from HPU here in Hawaii. It's been ridiculously hard to find a job here. I was working as an aide for an agency and after getting cancelled 5 times in a row by the facility I was thinking of going back to office work (I had been a Management Assistant for 13 years before going back and earning my BSN). Fortunately, I had a great relationship with my agency person and he found me a job with the VA Center for Aging-a nursing home-type setting. The manager was willing to take on a new grad and train me. I'm still on the agency payroll, but the experience I'm getting is amazing. We are the first facility (I think besides Enova) who uses bar coding. Each vet has an id band w/a barcode on it. When we do our med pass, we scan the band, then their meds. It's a great program (when the computers don't freeze ) and helps avoid mistakes. I have to pass out meds to anywhere between 22 and 24 patients (depending on what side I'm on - we have 2 wings North and South) between 0800 and 1100. I figure if I can handle this, I should be able to handle 4-5 on a floor. Many have to have their meds crushed and some can be a bit combative when trying to give their meds, so I'm learning A LOT. And everyone there, from the CNAs (who really bust their butts and do the majority of the work) to the RNs and LPNs. And the fact I get to help serve those who signed up to protect my freedom is even a bigger plus.

    A nursing home setting was NOT my first choice. I'd still like to get into Mother/Baby, L&D or even OR - if someone would give me a chance. There aren't a lot of new grad programs being offered here in Hawaii. A lot of new grads are getting a chance if they're already in a facility so if you decided to not work during the last few semesters of school, you're outta luck. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity I was given - especially since I just got word they're not bringing any new people in for awhile. I made it just under the wire. I have so many friends who are still struggling to find somewhere - even on the mainland. I had a friend who went to San Diego and was required to attend an open house if interested. When he got there, he was told there weren't any openings. And they knew that before he got there - why make him fly all the way over? And even some LTC facilities want nurses with experience and aren't taking new grads.

    I hope the situation does turn around soon. Another group of about 200 new grads on O'ahu alone just entered the job search this month. We've saturated the market here -- and hopefully the facilities will re-start some of the programs so we can get the experience we need and want. A lot of us want to stay here, including me, I have too much invested, having been born and raised here, to pack up and leave.

    Keeping fingers crossed. . .
  11. by   doesanyoneknowwhy
    Congrats to U!!!!!!!!

    Stay there, get all the experience, general experience. If you want to work with moms and babes, STILL keep trying for that, you also might want to work for a peds office or OB/GYN office, i know that there is no benifits, but you can get experience there. I have a friend that works for a peds doctor, and there is also a NP in the office, and she is a medical technician, NOT A NURSE, and she makes good money.

    But she works with moms and babes all day long. Consider getting a higher degree in nursing, this is what the nursing professors at the University I attend are advising all us nursing students.:heartbeat
  12. by   spadesgirl
    Being a new grad and finally getting a job after 4 months of looking was really hard. My suggestion is to not just fax or email resumes - but to - GO TO THE HOSPITAL - I sent my resume to 20 + hospitals with no response - so i put on a decent oufit and busted into the HR/open house of 10 hospitals - to my suprise i got 5 interviews out of it. Got 3 job offers and 1 new position in the Job of my dreams. All of the hospitals I got interviews with I had already sent my resumes to via internet with no reply. So just give your self a courage boost and Gooooooooooo. You can do it!!!!!!!!! Much luck to all my new grad friends
  13. by   kolaone
    First I would like to congradulate all you new grads and encourage you to hang in there! My situation is a little different. I am 50 yrs of age and considering a nursing career. I am starting basically from scratch as I don't have any college credits which means 2 yrs of gen ed 1st, then applying to the adn program, another 2 yrs. My question to some you seniors is this, is this really a realistic goal at my age (will be 55 by graduation). A lot of industries won't even consider hiring you after 47.